Kindom Hearts Cardboard Key Sword

Introduction: Kindom Hearts Cardboard Key Sword

Hello makers! If i'm to be completely honest, i've never played Kingdom Hearts before. I just loved the sword. If you look into some of my other projects, they are mainly cardboard. So, this build is for TRUE Kingdom Hearts fans, and people like me, who love the sword.

Step 1: Cutout's

First look at a picture of the sword. If you don't have one, use my later step photos for reference. And make a little less than two foot long strips of cardboard, and two strips of the same length but half the length. Trace porportainate (probably spelled that wrong) key top and handguard. Make two of each.

Step 2: Glue

Hot glue the strips together to create a narrow rectangle. Hot glue the two key parts to the top. Roll up a small amount of newspaper and shove it up the bottom of the sword. This will create the handle. Then hot glue the two handguards to each side of the newspaper handle. DONT TRY TO MAKE THEM TOUCH!! It's not neccesary and will ruin the handguard. Instead, cut miscelaneous pieces of cardboard to connect the two sides. See my picture for further reference. Do the same with the key top. As for the mickey mouse key chain, use quaters to trace circles in a mickey mouse pattern. Use needle nose pliars to bend paper clips into circles and link four paper clip circles together. Punch a hole through the mouse insignia and connect it to the chain. Hot glue the link on the opposite end of the mouse head into the handle. Literally inside the open bottom of the handle.

Step 3: Finish!

You don't have to, but you can see i colored mine with sharpie. It isn't as crude in real life as it is in the picture. And then your done! If you guys have any suggestions as to what to do next, i would be happy to hear hem! I may not be familiar, so you can send an email or photo of what you would like. Thanks!



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    Hey wait a minute! You haven't even MADE any instructables. Let alone anyone's with incorrect titles.

    Hmmmm... It's a sword, that looks like a key. Did you read the words in it at ALL?! I've never playe the game. However if I had, i wouldnt be so concerned with the title. F.Y.I, PAL, blade, and sword are almost the same thing. Buy a dictionary punk.

    It's called a keyblade not a key sword