This project uses the Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 and a human biped robot.I used my own 3d Printed Robot to replicate my actions, its combination of Microsoft Kinect SDK, Processing, and Arduino.

Though i controlled arm, if you good at programming, little changes in the code will let you control the entire robot body.....

Thanks to this guy:


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Step 1: Things You Need

Hardware things, you can get these from any online store



3.BI-Ped Robot

Software things

you need to have a PC (or) Laptop with Processing Software to run the code

You can find the Respective files in the attachment

1.Arduino Code (.ino extension)

2.Processing code (.pde extension)

3.3d printing files of BI-ped robot (rar extension)

Step 2: Software Guide

First you will need to download the Arduino software:


Then Processing 2.2.1 (needs to be processing 2, won't work on processing 3):


Next is the Microsoft Kinect SDK (this contains the drivers you need to operate the Kinect):


Following that,

you will need to download the Simple Open NI library (1.9.6)


Step 3: Running the Code

  • 1.open Arduino IDE upload the .ino codeto your arduino board, attach servos according to your code

rightshoulder . attach ( 9 ); //right shoulder servo pin to arduino pin 9

rightelbow . attach ( 10 );

leftshoulder . attach ( 11 );

leftelbow . attach ( 12 );

find out these lines in the code and make any-changes you want or you can leave it as it was....

2.Now run your Processing Code:

find the below line in your .pde code

String portName = Serial.list()[0];

replace the line change this line " String portName = Serial.list()[0]; " to your available port numbers, lets say you have two COM Ports then "String portName = Serial.list()[1];, if you have three then "String portName = Serial.list()[2];" all the best, you can find the list of com ports in your pc --> my computer-->right click-->device manager---> explore ports then identify the number of com ports

If everything is fine then you can see a window like in this step itself::::::::

Thanks to this guy:


That's it, now you can control the robot with your actions: (if you like the video please share and comment)



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