Kinect Driven Adruino Powered Hand

Introduction: Kinect Driven Adruino Powered Hand

Hi everyone, I'm not entirely sure if I can place this here since its more of a show off video instead of a how to :P. If so delete if necessary, but thought I would show my kinect driven hand I made. It uses an arduino uno, the hand works like I'm assuming a lot of people have seen before, just servos connected with strings and pipes. The main programming though is done though processing.

This is pretty much the first time i've ever used an arduino and the kinect before so please be nice :P I know its super simple considering I'm just pretty much sticking two libraries together and connecting it up but thought it was a good starting project to learn about the arduino and kinect.

If people are interested though I might make a how to page if people want to try it themselves.

The two main libraries I use are

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