King Kong & Ann Darrow Costumes

Introduction: King Kong & Ann Darrow Costumes

Six month-old twins Hank and Annie make a fierce King Kong scaling the Empire State Building with Ann Darrow.

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Step 1: Supplies


Glue Gun, glue sticks
Several small cardboard boxes (from sodas, pasta, etc.)
Gray or silver spray paint
White satin material - 2 yards
White satin ribbon
Safety pins
Blonde wig
Duct Tape
Gorilla or monkey mask (depending on age of child)
Black Craft Fur
Black hooded sweatshirt (infant or child-sized)
Black pants (infant or child-sized)
Four black gloves
Sewing Needle
Black thread
Black magic marker

Step 2: Making the Empire State Building

Look at a picture of the Empire State Building to copy its shape using boxes from around your house. Cut boxes to size and tape them together. Make a cone-shaped antenna out of foil for the top of the building. Spray paint the building gray or silver. After the paint has dried, draw windows and accents with a black magic marker.

Step 3: Making the Costumes

For King Kong:

Hand-sew and/or hot glue the black craft fur to the hooded sweatshirt and pants after cutting it into pieces shaped like the clothes. Put a strip of fur across the top of the hood. After putting the infant or child into the outfit, put black gloves on both hands and both feet.

For Ann Darrow:

Drape white fabric around child, securing with safety pins in the back. Have child don blonde wig.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is just too cute. :D

    King Kong seems to be playing the role quite well, too, haha