King Size Bed Build With Complete Build Videos:

Building a king size bed is a big project. This bed build is probably not for the beginner but anyone experienced in woodworking can certainly tackle it.

If you want to skip all the build videos you can see an overview here: or by clicking on the fast forward on YouTube above.

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Step 1: King Size Bed Build

This is probably not a project for the beginner woodworker but it is very doable if you have the right tools. Woodworking can be a dangerous activity so be sure to follow all safety precautions. The way I do things may not be the safest way it is just my way.

Step 2: The Glue Up and Starting on the Legs

The build continues with gluing up the foot board and head boards. While waiting for the glue to dry I started on the legs.

Step 3: Time to Cut

In this step I cut out the foot board and head board. Again- be careful, using power tools can be dangerous.

Step 4: Giving Details to the Head Board and Footboard

Step 5: Making the Patterns So It Comes Out Symmetrical. Will Use the Same Pattern for Steam Bending Later.

Step 6: The Pattern for the Head Board and Foot Board Continues. the Foot Board Is Trimmed to Size.

Step 7: The Finials for the Bed Post Are Turned.

Step 8: Squaring Up the Legs and Turning the Feet.

Step 9: Mortising the Legs

Step 10: Cutting Out the Trim for the Crown of the Headboard and Footboard.

Step 11: Steam Bending the Crown for the Foot Board.

Step 12: Back to the Steam Box for a Very Challenging Trim Piece for the Curved Headboard.

Step 13: Getting Close, Legs Go On

Step 14: Connecting the Rails With Woodcraft Bed Rail Brackets.

Connecting the rails with Woodcraft bed rail brackets. The brackets can be found here:

Step 15: Making Milk Paint for the Final Coat. Thanks “In My Own Style”.

Making milk paint for the final coat. Thanks “In my Own Style”.

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