King Size Storage Bed




Introduction: King Size Storage Bed

Hi. This is my first attempt at woodworking and im glad that it worked great. Going low on budget I thought of making my own furniture instead of hiring a carpenter or buying a ready bed. I always loved to have things of my own specs and designs.
Instructables helped understanding the basics of a bed. Then I came up with my own designs.

Step 1: Sides and Headboard

Step 2: Joining Sides

Step 3: Centre Support

Step 4: Flaps

Step 5: Fitting Mouldings

Step 6: After the Moulding

Step 7: Finished Bed



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    The bed looks nice! But more detailed instructions on how you pieced everything together would be beneficial to your readers. Also, where did you get that mattress?

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    I got the mattress custom made by our local mattress guy.
    Its a simple mattress with cotton filling.

    I recognize this paper covering. It is sticky shelf self-stick paper from the Dollarama! 1$ a roll. Must have cost a small fortune to buy enough for the entire project, they don't include much on a roll.

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    The patterned sheet is not paper. Its Formica.

    get outta here!
    I can't believe this is your first woodwork attempt?

    it's amazing!!!

    please keep posting stuff you make.

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    Yes it is my first attempt not only on the bed, but carpentry on the whole. I'm unable to provide proper measurements since the measurements I had done in my drawing had to be amended on the go.

    Can the bed be dissembled in case of transferring it to various distance places?. And yes, kindly indicate the procedures please.

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    Yes. The entire bed is joined by nuts and bolts. Sorry due to the rush to complete I didn't get enough time to click enough pics.
    So all the boards and be dismantled and stacked against a wall.
    Now its 2016, 6 Yrs since I made it and its amazingly strong. Not a single sound even though my kid jumps on it.

    Storage beds function like a cabinet for your bed providing you with an ample amount of storage space for everything you can ever think of that needs concealing to prevent becoming an eyesore to you or guests. However, should the need to move out in the future arises, you need to know how to prepare it for removal. The things inside need to be taken out and packed separately, else they might be too heavy to move and might even damage the whole bed.

    Nice work. :) Gotta love that mattress. :D

    I'm about to build something similar except I will be utilising under bed plastic storage boxes that pull out for ease. Mind, looks like I will have a little more access than here so I can take advantage of it.

    Regards, Maz.

    This is really interesting. I would like to make one. I can easily follow the pictures, however, can you tell me what size wood, moulding, and plywood you used? 

    Thank you for posting this, I can't wait to make one.

    Looks really nice.  I'm wondering if dresser drawers could be used turned on their sides...hmmm-wouldn't be as beautiful as yours, but might work well for a person with a small room and low budget. could have just made this a slide show. as it is, there are no actual instructions for anything, just headings and pictures

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