Kino Der Toten: Strategy Guide INCOMPLETE

Introduction: Kino Der Toten: Strategy Guide INCOMPLETE

A strategy on how to be a winner... in zombies

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Step 1: The Map

You absolutely NEED to know the map...

Room 1: Lobby - There are four windows here 1 upstairs and 3 downstairs. GUNS: M14 and Olympia, quick revive, meteor

Room 2: Upstairs - 2 windows here and the PM63

Room 3: Downstairs - 2 windows and a MPL

Room 4: Leading stairs... - 3 windows and the almighty MP40 (dont forget the Stakeout), speed cola

Room 5: Alley - 2 windows and an... upstairs entrance... AK74u, double tap

Room 6: Dressing room - 2 windows and an upstairs entrance, MP5K (not recommended), but a rock is

Room 7: Locker Room - 3 windows 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs, no guns, but... THE FINAL ROCK. Song Time! Elena Siegman song 115

Room 8: Stage - M16, Power switch, claymores, 2 windows

Room 9: THEATER - to get here, you must turn on the power... Juggernog, Bowie Knife, introduces Nova 6 crawlers and a couple of windows

Step 2: Room 1 - Lobby

I have a sort of different strategy for this map.
Solo: Guard the windows in round 1 and 2. On round 3 get the windows until you are overwhelmed, if anything buy the Olympia if you need to. On round 4 there will be  HORDE so stand in the downstairs area and wait for zombies to horde up behind you, then kill them. Leave on round 5, preferably upstairs. You can also jump on hte window upstairs to see if there is a box light in the next room that's located downstairs.

2 Player: There are good viepoints on this map, so you can easily play 2 player. Someone can take the upstairs and the under the stairs, because theres a shadow upstairs by the window. This lets you look down under the stairs AND look at the window because of the shadow. Downstairsis easy too. You have the dark window and the window nearest to quick revive, so you can lood through the fence and glass while looking at the dark window. If things get crazy, buy the gun nearest to you. but if possible get the Olympia.

3-4 Player: Everyone choose a window and use the knife strategy. ROund 1, knife all zombies. Round 2, shoot zombie 5 times then knife. Round 3 unload a full clip then knife. (When you run out of ammo let the zombies through so you can obtain a max ammo) Round 4, same as last round. Leave when you are overrun.

I would prefer going upstairs, because of the MP40.

Also. grab the meteor which is right behind the downstairs understairs window, in a case with a rock in it. Hold the action button. (X or Square)


Step 3: Upstairs

 If you get the box in here hit it once, as long as you have 3000+ points. Then go through to the MP40 room and buy the MP40. Get the stairs while ALWAYS checking your back. Rack up 5000+ points before you move on.

Now that your in the dressing room, get the the meteor and move on quickly. If you stay in the dressing room then you will be horded. PERIOD.

If you're on 4 player 2000-? points is fine. One person gets downstairs. (In the MP40 room) Two people cover the main stairs, and one person on the singular window upstairs. 

3 player, same thing except with 1 on the main stairs. 

2 player, 1 on stairs, and another gets all windows at the bottom of the main stairs and down.

Stage - Solo - Rack up to at least 2,500 points (make sure you have ammo) and turn on the power. Quickly sprint to get Juggernog. Once you have the perk get out of the small corner and run to the stage and begin to mow down the zombies up there. If you can get to round ten like this, you can start the rape train. Don't know what a rape train is, click this >> (Video incomplete) to learn what it is for this map. Also, find the box and get the thundergun. This will help with the rape train. Everything key to the rape train section will be in the video linked. Also, if at all possible, subscribe to the channel I linked you to!

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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Olympia! M14! Open doors upstairs and do tings

    dr. richtofen
    dr. richtofen

    8 years ago on Step 2

    don't know if this works for 2 players on ps360, but it works on wii:
    If youre with 2 players on this map, you can camp on the balcony in room 1 (on the spot where the box is in ps360). If youre just on the right spot, the zombies will all horde under you 2 guys, so you can easily shoot them.

    dr. richtofen

    ''Room 3: Downstairs - 2 windows and no guns''
    Yes, there is an gun: the MPL


    9 years ago on Introduction

    COPIER!!!!! haha jk... anyhow... don't know if anyone else really knows this but I've leaned that if you knife a nova 6 crawler it wont blow up into a nova cloud. If you do shoot it, it will turn into a cloud. and if you're running a train, if you shoot the nova crawlersand they explode, it takes out some of the big regular dudes. Not sure if this is well know but I recently learned this!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i didnt know that when novas explodes it hurts other zombies! thanks!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah I was really surprised when I learnd that too! Happy killings!