Kintsugi Paper Cup

This instructable will go through the steps needed to repair a broken paper cup.

You will need:

- Gorilla glue or another food safe adhesive

- food safe gold powder pigment

- Q-tip

- scrap paper for mixing

- clip ( foldback clips work great )

- a broken paper cup

Step 1: Prepare Adhesive

Mix approximately 1 tsp of glue with a 1/4 tsp of gold pigment. Using the Q-tip, mix the glue and pigment together on the scrap paper until combined.

Step 2: Apply Adhesive

Using the Q-tip, collect a good amount of the mixture and lay a smooth layer in-between the broken pieces. Once the adhesive is spread, use your fingers to press the broken pieces together and smooth out any air pockets or lumps. Next, place the foldback clip on the broken seam to pinch the 2 parts in place. The glue dries quickly, so work quickly!

Step 3: Use

Once the glue has dried ( suggested time is 24hrs ), your broken cup will be fixed Kintsugi style and ready for use once again!



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    11 months ago

    That would be a fun way to teach kids how it works :)