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Introduction: Kirby's Epic Yarn Plush II

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Hey Instructabrarians!
Today's October 17th, an extremely exciting day that I have been looking forward to for several months now  ever since it was announced last July, 2010.  That's right, today is the North American release date for Nintendo Wii's newest game Kirby's Epic Yarn!  I could not be more excited about this game (it's Kirby's first Wii game and his first console platformer in 11 years) so in honor of this new game I'm providing a follow up to my first  Kirby's Epic Yarn Plush, this time with Meta Knit, String DeDeDe and Prince Fluff!

Editors Note: Since this was just a fun sequel and I probably won't be going in depth that much, I'm not considering this in my overall Instructables Canon.  I'll be posting my official sixth sometime this week. 

Step 1: Abstract & Materials

I wasn't quite sure how exactly to categorize this, since they are essentially three different projects.  However, I decided that since they are easy enough to make, rather than make three separate Instructables for each, I'll just create an amalgamation.

So from 2 -5 I'll be discussing Meta Knight, from 6-9 will be DeDeDe, and from 10-12 will be Prince Fluff.

1) Tacky Glue 
2) Yarn
      -Light Blue
3) Felt
      -Tan/ Off white
      -Light Blue

Step 2: Meta Knight (Knit)

Let's begin with Meta Knight shall we?

Now when I created my Meta Knight Yarn patch, the official template for the character hadn't come out yet.  I ended up doing a rough approximation based on previous designs of him from Kirby's Dreamland.  It ended up being pretty close too, so the same methodology will apply.

Anyway, just like the Kirby Yarn, download the template.

Step 3: Create the Outline

Pretty self explanatory here.  Using a felt tip marker or a pencil, start by tracing the outline of whichever Meta Knight outline you chose.  Then, cut out each individual segments (ie his feet, arms, sword and mask) and then trace them along the felt as well.

Step 4: Lay Down the Yarn

Now that the outline is finished, we can begin the actual work of gluing down the yarn.  Use Tacky Glue and remember to glue around the inside of the outline.  Just for reference, his body should be made with blue yarn, the his arms are grey,  his shoulder pads are yellow tipped, surrounded by either black or  grey yarn. The sword scaffold I made was orange but depending on the template you chose, you can also use Lime Green, and the jewel in the middle can either be red yarn or a red button. 

About the mask, like I said, I created him before I knew what the actual Meta Knight character was going to look like, so instead of using grey felt, I made used Grey Yarn.  However, the mask eyes are always made from Yellow Felt set upon Black Felt.  

Step 5: Finished With Meta Knit

So now you are finished with Meta Knight!  Like I said, not too difficult, not too difficult and fairly simple. 

Step 6: King DeDeDe

Awesome, now let's begin work on the penguinned ruler himself King DeDeDe!  

As usual, start by downloading and cutting out the template for him.  He should stand roughly about twice the size of Kirby and Meta Knight, so this is going to be a very large project.

Oh man I love his new theme!

Step 7: Yarn & Pipe Cleaners

OK so now we can begin gluing down the yarn and pipe cleaners for King DeDeDe!

Just for reference, King DeDeDe uses Yellow Yarn (for his mouth and hat rim), Red Yarn  (for his hat and jacket rim), Orange yarn (hands and feet), and  Black Yarn (for his stomach stitching).

 White Pipe Cleaners for his hat pom as well as the tailored fluff around his jacket.

For his eyes, I used Purple Felt glued on top of White Felt. Also, very important, since King DeDeDe is always light blue, the background felt needs to be Light Blue.

Step 8: Threading the Strings

In the game, King DeDeDe seems to be controlled like a puppet through yarn for devious reasons.  To simulate this, I added in two dual stitches to either side of him, which I then threaded Yellow Yarn (roughly 5 inches in length).   You don't have to do this, but it's a nice added feature and he hangs well with it.

Step 9: Finished With the King

Great you should now be finished with King DeDeDe!  He's probably the hardest character I found to set in yarn, mainly because he's so huge and the pipe cleaners were a tad difficult to bend, but other than that he's just as simple as Kirby or Meta Knight.

Step 10: Prince Fluff

Finally, let's finish off by creating Kirby's new yarn partner Prince Fluff!  For those of you who didn't know, Prince Fluff is a yarn ruler of Patch Land until it was taken over by the sorcerer Yin-Yarn.  He has nearly the same abilities as Kirby and is very close in appearance to him. 

So when printing out this template, make sure that its around the same size as your Kirby's Epic Yarn Plush.

Editor's Note: You'll notice that Fluff has the least amount of instructions than any of my other yarns.  That's because I made him exactly the same way as I did Kirby, so there's not a whole lot I can explain that I haven't already.

Step 11: Creating the Outline, Gluing the Yarn

Same thing with Kirby, you'll be creating an outline on the felt first, cutting it out and then gluing down the yarn.

Prince Fluff is mainly made out of Light Blue Yarn (body) and Orange Yarn (for feet).  His crown is made of Yellow Felt and his eyes and eyebrows are made from White Felt set on top of Black Felt.

Step 12: Finished With Prince Fluff

Alright, Prince Fluff is now complete!  Like I said, he should be as easy as Kirby was (in many ways probably even simpler) and it's extremely easy to make! 

Step 13: Brawl in the Family

Alright now you are complete with the primary cast of Kirby's Epic Yarn!  So far the reviews for this game are absolutely glowing and I could not be not be happier with the results! It is an awesome game for the Wii and I highly encourage any gaming Instructabrarians to pick this up as soon as possible!

Anyway, I hope you all liked my work  and my latest instructable!  If you think this was good, I might be so inclined to create a third Epic Yarn featuring Kirby's various Transformations in the game.

Good luck with all of your future builds!

Kirby's Epic Yarn released today, October 17th

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    9 years ago on Step 5

    the time warp is the most realistic kirby-meta knight story one ive ever heard.