Kiss Costume

Introduction: Kiss Costume

Me and my friends are planning on being KISS this halloween, I made my own Peter Criss ( Catman) Costume

Step 1: Shoes

First I started with what I thought would be the most fun, and the most difficult, the platform shoes. After looking up many styles of Peter Criss's shoes, I found a pair.

I used an old pair of shoes
Wooden Blocks
Nail gun
Spray paint
hot glue
a yoga mat
thin metal sheets

Step 2:

First I cut wooden blocks, For me I used a 2x4 I had laying around, but I think you can use anything thats wood.

I measured the bottom of the front of the shoe and drew it onto the wood, then I cut the wood with a say to make the block, I did this 2 more times ( for one shoe) because the blocks were each 1 1/2 in high, that would make my front platform 4 1/2 in high,

Next I did the same for the back of the shoes, but cut out 4 blocks so the back would be raised up and be 6 In high

Then I glues the blocks together and wrapped them in tape, and drove a nail through them, so that they would be nice and stable !

I also sawed off the corners of the blocks so they would be a little more rounded.

Step 3:

Next I taped the blocks to the shoes, then used the nail gun to drive a few nails through the blocks, I used a lot of tape so it would be very stable

Step 4:

The next step was to build to top of the boots, the part that would cover my legs.

First I measured around the biggest part of my leg, then from my knee down,

Next I used the measurements to draw out a pattern, I then cut out the pattern and taped it to the shoes, I poked holes in the sides so that I could run some shoe strings through them and tighten the boots when I put them on.

Step 5:

Lastly I sprayed the boots black, then added some silver

I attached some snakes to the side that I cut from the yoga mat

Then added the thin metal around the platforms to make it more smooth, I used black tape for the black designs on the metal.

Step 6:

Next I made a belt, neck lace, and wrist bands out of the remaining pieces of yoga mat, painted them black and silver, and added some gems,

the belt buckle I printed out a kiss logo, attached it to the thin metal, and cut it out, then attached to the belt.

Its all pretty simple, i didnt take pics of this the whole time, but it isnt hard to figure out.

Step 7:

Next was the shirt, I used an old underarmor shirt for the black shirt, then I cut more yoga pad into a design I liked and saw on one of his suits.

I then painted it silver, added gems, and glued it to the shirt.

for the rest of the costume, I got a wig, and am going to use work out pants or baseball pants for the tight pants

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago

    That is totally WICKED dude! Might try and make the boots myself:)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Looks fantastic!

    Just out of curiosity though, why Peter Chris?

    To quote Peter Griffin from Family Guy:

    "Nobody wants to be Peter Chris! Not even Peter Chris wants to be Pter Chris!!"

    Still like the boots though. :)

    The pattern on the yoga mat really sets it off! Looks great!! Make sure to add pics of the full thing when you get it finished and are wearing it. See if you can get your friends to put up ibles on the other costumes too!

    ROCK ON!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I assume the part that's the top of the boot is the yoga mat?
    I look forward to pictures of you in the costume!