Kissing Puppets




Introduction: Kissing Puppets

Creating puppets are really amazing.You can decorate them in many ways according to  your imagination. Anyone can attract the little kids with the puppets.Here you will see my dancing finger puppets.

Step 1: Requirements

Fabric pieces of your choice
Felt pieces of your choice
Threads to match -Not included in picture
Sewing needle
A little cap (used a toy piece as a cap)
Cotton Wool-Not included in picture
White paper

Step 2: Trace & Cut

Trace out your fingers on to a white paper and cut out the template.Fold the fabric in to two and place the template on the fabric ,pin it and cut.Leave extra space about 1 inches all around.Sew around to make a glove.Turn it inside out -See last picture wearing it.

Step 3: Mix & Match

Select the colors of the fabric, and cut out small pieces to cover the fingers.Cut 5 small white pieces to cover the cotton wool.I used some felt material to decorate as well.Picture two shows the 5 sets of fabric and felt colors I have choosed for the puppets.Mix and match the colors.
Roll a  piece of cotton wool in to a ball  ,place it on the fabric above the middle,cover it with the white piece of fabric and sew on both sides.While sewing you can insert the decorative fabric and felt piece  on to both sides and sew together.(I have showed only the bottom piece)
It  need not be in exact position.The cotton wool inserted part has to be puffed up for the face.
Fold in to two and sew leaving one end  open.Turn them in side out.

Step 4: Watch Out!!

Wear the glove and attatch  the sewn fabric fingers one by one to the glove. Watch out -don't sew your own finger together  with the fabric.

Step 5: Decorate

Now start decorating by adding  eyes,nose and mouth.I sewed a little red cap to one of the puppet .It is a small toy piece i used as a cap.The grey ,pink,and black felt pieces under the neck, I cut them and made it as a collar. A  little piece of green wool folded and tied on to the bonnet looks cute.What more do they need ? Guess before you scroll down

Step 6: Attatch Frill

Attatch a  little band frill to the end of the glove.

Step 7: Ears

Did you guess correctly what they needed? Oh they need ears .If not they will be deaf. Cut little felt pieces, fold one corner and sew it on to both sides.Hmm they look perfect now.

Step 8: Kissing

Look at my video-Show it to your kids ,they will love to see them dancing and the two little ones who express their love by kissing. Don't you think it is really cute.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have to put this video every time for my little boy.Very creative and it very much