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there was a dark space in the corner of my kitchen and i love LEDs have plenti of them and several types.
i had laying around some 5v LED strip and a backup battery that i got for free cos it wouldn`t charge a phone (it shuts down when above 400mah is needed and phones need at least 500mah)
even if you don`t have this stuff laying around you can order them online for pretty cheap (i use aliexpress and this project will cost 5$ with a smaller backup battery and spare switches &LEDs)
or if you have old phone batteries you can use those and order usb charging module i ordered these 5pc for 0.88$and you will need another module to boost the voltage from 3.7v to 5v also cheap.
2 screws & soldering iron used as tools

Step 1: Efficiency

USB cables have 4 wires inside black white green red. white and green are used for data dont need those we will use just red (positive)and black (negative)
my switches are 3 pins common normaly open and normaly closed, we will use normaly closed so when the door is opened and the switch is in normal state its closed (circuit)
the black wire from the usb connector goes directly to the negative lead of the LED strip
the red wire connects to the common pin of the switch and then from NC (normally closed pin) a wire goes to the positive lead of the LED strip

well depending on the battery capacity and the use of the drawer you will need to charge your battery at most once a week. i will charge it after dark when the electricity is cheaper and i avoid stuff that use non rechargable batteries.
oh and i forgot about the iphone cable that wasn`t working you can use any usb cable for easy plug-n-play

Step 2: Let There Be Light

you will have to figure a way to mount the battery depending on your size.

thnx and you are welcome to ask anything



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    Reply 1 year ago

    don`t you mean movement sensor?
    Its not accurate as a switch, i bought one wich uses light and movement sensor but don`t use it, and it would drain the battery faster.


    1 year ago

    I'm actually experimenting with closet doors and lights myself. And I was going with a lever type switch until I thought about reed switches. There is no need for any touching of the door or not touching to activate the lights. A mere little magnet on the door is all it takes. Nice project either way.


    1 year ago

    I am sorry, I can not vote for you. Your instructable as it stands, doesn't really have any instructions.

    I like the idea and had it had a few more steps and instructions. You would get my vote

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    yeah it was late when putting up this instructable now i figured a circuit would have been nice (will draw n upload), what other steps would you like me to add?