Kitchen Bar



Introduction: Kitchen Bar

Short tutorial on creating kitchen bar, showing simple and cheap solution in DIY option

Step 1: What We Need for This...

1. Several pieces of laths, cut and assembled according to drawing

2. One table of plasterboard, cut to cover laths construction

3.Few screws


5.Decorative panel

Step 2: Creating Construction

Create construction with laths, screw it to the floor board, and on one side to the wall

Step 3: Decorative Panel

Install decorative panel on construction

Step 4: Cover Construction With Plasterboard

Cut plasterboard to appropriate dimensions and screw to the laths construction.

Goal is to cover laths construction with plasterboard plates

Step 5: Plastering

Now we do plastering of plasterboard plates

Step 6: Finalizing

Final step is to paint , and remove protective foil from decorative plate.

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