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One of the things that I am constantly complaining about is the size of my kitchen.  It is not exactly tiny, but you definitely could not call it spacious.  It seems like I am always running out of space to put my cooking stuff (and I have a LOT of cooking stuff).  My most recent problem was I added a few new items to my bakeware collection and it started spilling out of its drawer!

I discovered a while back that a good number of my baking pans (though not all) will cling to magnets!  I remembered as a kid playing with magnetic letters and numbers on a baking sheet, and one of my favorite things to do was try to hold up the pan using ONLY the magnets.

There is a lot of empty wall space in my kitchen, and after I finished putting up a pegboard with hooks to hang up all of my pots and pans, I wanted to find a way to store my bake-ware in a similar fashion.  When I found out my pans work with magnets, the idea hit me like a cookie sheet to the face.

What You Will Need:
Magnet-Friendly Bakeware  
(Not all pans work w/ magnets! Test it with your fridge magnets first to see if its magnet friendly)

Adhesive-Back Magnetic Strips ($3 in the craft section at walmart)
Foam Mounting Tape (in case the adhesive doesn't work on your wall)

***For cheap magnet-friendly bakeware, check your local Dollar Tree, I've got their $1 pans (pictured) and they hold up well!***

Step 1: Prepare Your Magnets

Take your magnets and separate them into the individual strips.  

Cut the individual strips in half, leaving a few intact in case you need them.

Step 2: Stick It to the Wall

Peel the adhesive backing off of each of your magnets and press them onto your wall into the desired spot.  Different pans need different amounts of magnets to hold their weight.  

I found that:

For an 8" pan (Round, Square, or Pie) you will want 2 strips, set horizontally and parallel about 2" apart.

A small loaf pan you will want 3 strips, set horizontally and parallel about 2" apart.

For larger cake pans and baking sheets, set you will want 4-8  strips, set halfway between the middle and each corners.  If your pan is heavier, consider using the full strip magnets instead of the ones cut in half.

Different pans have different weights, so if your pan is heavier you may need to use a larger number of magnets per pan.  I do not recommend using less magnets, as your item may slowly slide down and scare you when it bangs onto the floor.

I recommend placing the magnets for one pan at a time, testing the bond for each setting by putting your desired pan up.  Leave up your pans as you go to make sure that they're not sliding down and to ensure proper magnet spacing.

***If your magnets do not stick to your wall or surface, use double-sided foam mounting tape to adhere it to the wall.***

Step 3: Sticking Around for a While

Take down all of your pans and let the magnets stick to the wall for a few hours.  This gives the adhesive time to bond further with the wall and keep your pans from falling down later.

If any of your magnets fall down, consider reinforcing all of them with foam mounting tape to stick them to the wall.  You don't want a clattering of pans falling to wake you up in the night!

Step 4: Enjoy Your Awesome Arrangement

You now have awesome floating bakeware,  a cheap, easy, and fricking awesome way to organize your kitchen!  

Prepare to be amazed at how accessible your pans are now when you need them most, and especially how easy they are to put away once they're clean!   

Depending on your wall type, you can even hang them back up wet and let them air-dry in their spots.

For more awesome household hacks and fun projects, visit my blog, The Procrastibaker!



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    Has anyone tried putting some decorative paper or something over the magnets and entire space to make it look prettier when a tray or two are down? Just curious if the magnets would still work with something over them?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Have you tried to "double up" on the same pans with any kind of success? I'm thinking this would work well inside cupboard doors if that's the case.

    1 reply

    If your magnets are strong enough...and by double-up you mean sticking pans that fit tightly inside one another, it works well! Just be sure that your magnets are strong enough, I'd recommend the button style ones rather than the strips!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Definitely giving it a try this afternoon! I had planned to give the kitchen a thorough cleaning today. On my way to Walmart now.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutely LOVE this idea. Just moved & I'm struggling to find enough room to store everything. Going to look for my magnetic tape now!