Kitchen Trivet (Hot Metal Pad) From Cork Wine Covers




Project for all these cork wine closures we can recycle after every wine party at home. If you like cooking - you always need a good surface to place your hot pan after food is ready. What could be better than cork trivet? Cork is perfect material for this purpose. It is natural and environmental friendly, it is nice on touch, warm wooden colour, and the most important keep the heat away from your precious table and cloth covers. Here I will share my project for cork trivet from wine closures.

Easy, quick, and 100% free from resources which needs to be specially purchased. You will find all required parts in your kitchen or in the local bar. Of course you need to collect the wine closures first. If you don't have a enough closures, you can ask at your local bar or restaurant to collect some for you. They will be glad to help with something normally thrown in the bin.

For size of the pad i went for a standard 22-25 cm square, which will satisfy around 99 % of your home cooking inventory bottoms.

Let's start and check what parts and tools you will require?

  • Parts:

1. Cork wine closures - 32 pieces ( 8 columns x 4 rows)

2. Wooden bamboo grill sticks - 8 sticks

3. Thin metal wire (some strong thin heat-resistant rope) - 1.2 - 1.5 meters (I used network LAN cable wires)

  • Tools:

1. Small screwdriver - with more than 5 cm arm ( cross or star, not important )

2. Cutter or sharp knife ( to sharpen mini 12 bamboo sticks )

3. Claws or pliers - If you are using a metal wire or cord for connections ( not needed if you are using cotton cord )

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Step 1: Attach Cork Wine Closures to Bamboo Sticks

First thing what you need to do after you collect all parts and required tools is to make holes through the long side of the wine closures.

With small screwdriver pierce the center of the circle of one of the sides. Slowly drill until screwdriver go out from the other center of the cork closure. After you have a perfect hole, put in and out few times the screwdriver in the hole from each side so the hole will become little bit wider, but in the same time not too much so the hole will be loose when you insert the bamboo stick in it.

When you have all 32 closures perforated, start putting them by 4 closures on each of the 8 bamboo sticks. Mind to leave small gap between each closure, so later you can make wire connection for attaching the bamboo sticks together.

Step 2: Connect Cork Sticks Next Each Other

With claws carefully break the part of the bamboo stick which stayed outside of the cork closure. These small leftovers can be used to make small sharpened mini sticks. They will help you to attach the top parts of every stick.

You will need to prepare 12 small mini sticks. Sharpen them from each end by cutter or sharp knife.

Now it is time to connect the first two sticks with 4 closures each. For this purpose the best is to put 2 small bamboo sticks between the top 2 and 2 bottom closures of 2 sticks. Press hard so the stick will go in both closures and keep them attached.

Once you have both sticks next to each other it is time to use the wire and put inside the gaps of the cork closures.

Tighten well the wires so they will pull the bamboo stick closer, but not too much to bend or broke them. Cut the rest of the wire and push the wire bong inside.

To connect 2 sticks with cork closures you will need to wire bonds - between the first and between the last gaps of the sticks. For more details check the photos.

Step 3: Build Square From 8 Sticks With 4 Closures on Each

Continue connecting the sticks together. If there are differences between the gaps where you install wires you can create your own by cutting new by knife. Just be careful not to cut the bamboo stick inside.

At the end you should have something like square. The shape depends on the types of cork wine closures you find.

There are many ways to improve or make the build of the pad easier. Please, comment and share your opinion if you like the cork wine pad.

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4 years ago on Introduction

Brilliant! I was going to make a pin board from my corks but this is much better. We have a glass top on the gas stove so I always want soft trivets. Not sure what you mean by 'if you don't have enough wine corks'. Hic! (British humour!)

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