Kitchen Knife Conversion

Introduction: Kitchen Knife Conversion

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so here we have one of my instructables here i have decided i dont like conventional kitchen knives and i am also an avid knife collector my self so i thought i would pimp these out.

Step 1: Gather Knives

my sister was moving house and has just got a new set of knives so i have acquired her old ones, here we have already taken the handles off of two knives.

you can actually pick up kitchen knives from almost anywhere even pound land however you MUST BE OVER 18.

Step 2: Materials

Scrap wood: this i have loads of in the garden after me and my dad finished building a summer house.

Knifes: From the kitchen or various shops, Remember OVER 18

Sand paper: we shall be using this to smooth out the handles once we have the desired design.

Drill: we need this so that when the handle is finished we can insert the blade end into it

Grinder: this is to customize the blade.

Step 3: Play Around

Make some different designs just to practice

i even made a sheath just to see if the wood could hold out and it worked.

there is a small red mark on the smaller knife which looks like a bird, its actually blood where i cut my self while making these but i thought it was a good idea to put my own personal stamp on it.

Step 4: Finished Products

I thought about making a display for them but ended up giving some to individuals as a home made present.

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