Kitchen PC

Introduction: Kitchen PC

With a PC in the kitchen you can look-up recipes, watch a movie/tv show, check your email, add items to the grocery list.  We use "Our Groceries" which syncs with android and iphones.

A project based off my other instructable dual digital frame/wall mount pc, same idea just smaller.

Step 1: Screen

I started with a piece of 15.5" x 9.5" 1/2" ply.  Measure the viewable area of lcd to be used and cut out appropriate size, flip it over and take a router to it (1/4 inch or so should do) for the screen to set into.

I cut the same size piece of 1/2" ply for the back piece and had some leftover baseboards from my last project for the sides.

Step 2: Mount the Hardware

I stripped only the necessary hardware from a laptop. The one I used had broken hinges, missing keyboard, cracked bezel... it wasn't in very good shape but the electronics still worked.

I used some computer stand offs to mount the motherboard and two strips of double sided 3m tape to hold the screen in place.  A little hot glue for the power brick, dc jack, extra usb ports and power switch.

Step 3: Mounting

Any screen wall-mount hardware will work, secure it to the wall and you're good to go. It can now be directed towards the kitchen or the breakfast bar.

A small hole in the back for the power cord and the usb cable for a wireless mouse/keyboard receiver.

A long hinge along the bottom allows for easy access to the hardware just in case anything needs repair.

I found an inexpensive usb powered speaker-bar for the top.  Nothing fancy but it sounds great for the small kitchen area.

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    7 years ago

    I'm just curious, why not mount the mouse receiver to the back of the screen enclosure?