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All you need is a few strips of wood, a rectangular piece of wood, a strong adhesive and a few nails(optional) to create this piece. Join the strips to create rectangular mesh like structures and attach at the bottom of a rectangular piece. Attach some strips on the top to create a hut shape. Hang your rolls by inserting wood strips across two facing squares

Step 1: Material


1. Some wood strips
2. A rectangular piece of wood ( I have used white laminated piece)
2. Furniture adhesive
3. Few Nails

Step 2: Create Mesh Structure

Create two identical rectangular mesh like structures each by attaching 7 small strips(5.5 inch) over 4 long strips(13 inch). Use adhesive to attach the strips. Leave the ends open. Let dry.

Step 3: Attach Mesh to Rectangular Piece

Take the rectangular piece of wood. Attach each mesh to the bottom on both sides of rectangular piece. Let dry.You can also nail the joins to make it more sturdy.

Step 4: Create Cross Structures

Attach two equal size strips(11 inch) to create a cross as shown in picture. Create four such crosses. Let dry.

Step 5: Attach Crosses to Top

Attach both ends of each cross to the inner sides of top open ends of both meshes. Leave some margin at the ends of each cross. The idea it to create a hut like structure.

Step 6: Create Mesh on Top

Attach some strips(5.5 inch) at the top of the crosses to create squares.

Step 7: Hang Your Rolls

Now you can hang any rolls by inserting a wooden strip/rod across two facing squares.You can also paint it in your favorite color and add fun elements like I have placed a bird and a laughing Buddha.
Your kitchen roll house is ready.

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    3 years ago

    jayati0215 i was wondering were i could fined the strips of wood to build this hut

    if u could help be it would be very appreciated!

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago


    Thank you for your interest in this instructable! I found these wood strips at a local hardware store. You may also check at any local hardware stores or lumber stores close to you.


    Reply 3 years ago

    ok thank you for replying jayati215 i will be glad to make this great instrctable and will go to my hardware to fined these strips of wood