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Install a kitchen sink using parts from Amazon.

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Step 1: Shopping List

Step 2: Remove Old Sink

Remove old sink:

  1. Turn off water, I need to turn it off for the whole house because the hot water valve doesn't work.
  2. Remove drain pipes.
  3. Cut around top and bottom of sink with knife to loosen caulk and adhesive
  4. Lie under the counter and push the sink up with your feet
  5. Scrape off extra glue
  6. Repair the counter top

Step 3: Make New Sink Fit

Test fit the sink. The sink fit pretty good, but there was a slight raised edge. I routed out part of the counter top to make it fit. Would have been easier to grind the edge off the sink.

Step 4: Assemble New Sink

Assemble sink on the ground. This sink has knock-outs for extra things.

Step 5: Drain Pipe

Assemble drain pipe

Step 6: Dish Washer Drain

Connect dishwasher drain hose. Had to buy a new one.

Step 7: Caulk

Caulk around edge of sink. Used masking tape.

Step 8: Done

Step 9: Faucet

Step 10:



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    I can definitely relate to the kids in the box step. Except in my house there would be at least two cats in there with them.


    2 years ago

    that is one huge box--two kids fit with room to spare.