Kitchen Skills: the Simple Steak




Everyone wants to hone there skills in the kitchen, Don't they? Here is a great way to start! The steak, everyone has had a really awesome steak from a restaurant and they wonder why can't mine taste like that!!!!!. They can and its so simple anyone can do it! Impress your family, Build on your skills and boost you cooking confidence.


Step 1: What Kind of Steaks? What to Look For?

I enjoy Thick cut rib eye steaks, They Don't Dry out as easy as thinner steaks. But you can you any steak you like.

what to look for in a good steak.
Your going to want a steak with good marbling (Basically fat) Throughout the steak and you want it to be a nice bright read piece of meat. As seen in the picture.

Step 2: Salted Steaks = Tender Juicy Steaks

Put on a large amount of kosher salt Dont forget to do both sides. This will draw out  moisture  from the steak and it will start to look wet After About 15 minutes.
This will make your steaks tender and juicy just like restaurant steaks.

Note: this will not make your steaks taste salty trust me!!!!

Step 3: Rinse Time

After About 15 minutes, you want to rinse all the salt off your steak.

Step 4:

After your rinse Pat dry! Simple!

Step 5: Now Repeat!!!!!

Now you want to repeat the process.

1. salt the steaks
2. wait 15 min and rinse salt off
3.Pat dry

Pretty simple

Step 6: Oil?

Get some good olive oil. this is what i use.

Step 7: Pan!

I cook my steaks in a cast iron pan, really to be honest i think everything tastes better cooked in cast iron!

Step 8: Cook It

You want to sear your steaks for the best possible flavor and juiciness

You can season your steaks with what ever you like. I use just a little salt and pepper and they are amazing.

How to sear: get your pan really hot add enough oil to coat the pan and drop your steak in. Let it cook for 5 min on each side and its done!!!!!!!!!!!! easy huh!.

Step 9: Done

finished, juicy and tender!

This really adds alot to your basic kitchen skills, the importance of good olive oil, salting meats for tenderness, using cast iron and searing. All of these thinks are very important basic kitchen skills kind of all put together where you get an awesome tasty end product.



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    3 years ago

    shark steak here


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I made this (well, a slight variation), and it was awesome. After salting and rinsing my 1/8" thick steaks, I fried them in a mixture of chopped onions, tomatoes, parsley, basil, black pepper, salt, olive oil, and white vinegar (proportions mixed by the seat of my pants, of course - no measuring or anything). The result was probably the very best steak I have ever eaten.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yea, yea... the old pork switcharoo trick. We've seen it all before. ;-D


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Tried this last night and it was amazing. Unfortunately as there is no blood to indicate when to turn it over I over cooked it a bit. Still tasted great and so tender. I will be defiantly doing this again.

    It is strange that the colour changes so much that it almost looks like pork rather than beef but I don't care if it tastes that good.

    Great instrucatable to very easy to follow :)

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The amount of time you cook it would be up to the individual persons preferences.