Kitchen Towel / Pot Holders Holders Hook

Introduction: Kitchen Towel / Pot Holders Holders Hook

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Ok this is something i made when i wanted to hang pot holders close to the oven.  
So i made some hooks out of a coat hanger. There pretty simple i cut a coat hanger into a couple of pieces about 6 inches long.
Then bend one end into a kinda curly cue, so that it is a little open, like a keychain ring so that the little loop on the pot holder can be looped through but wont come back out when you use it.
   Then the other end you bend into a question mark, i also bent the tip into itself  so it wont scratch you or get snagged on anything.
   The kitchen towel is basically made the same way, with i attached it to a chip clip i just cut off the sides and bent the coat hanger around it. 
   These work great! i use it all the time. and it cost nothing! and was made using only a pair of pliers. 

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