Kitchen Wall Pocket

How to up-cycle parts of a desk fan into a Wall Pocket

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Step 1: Choose Your Object to Recycle

Step 2: Part Disassembly

Disassemble your product to review parts and mechanisms.

Step 3: Marking the Point for Cutting

After selecting the section to work with, mark the point at which cutting will take place.

Step 4: Cutting

Take a hack saw and cut through that point across the section of the object.

Step 5: The Desired Form

Make sure you have the right desired form by putting the two sides together with masking tape

Step 6: Preparation for Welding

Sand the objects edges to remove excess paint, this is in preparation for the joining of the two parts of the grill. Use coarse sandpaper, steel wool or a knife to scratch off as much paint as possible.

Step 7: Securing the Desired Form Before Welding

When object is prepped for welding, secure around edges with wire to keep it sturdy and in the form you require the outcome to be.

Step 8: The Welding Process

Spot weld your object at different points along the edge, insuring that the object welds evenly

Step 9: Keeping It Neat

After welding take the object and file off uneven points and imperfections to clean it up.

Step 10: Painting

Your object is ready for painting, spray an even layer of paint of your choice directly on the object making sure to cover the surface. Leave to dry and spray another layer till the whole area is covered.

Step 11: The Mounting Accessories

Prep your mounting accessories

Step 12: The Finished Object

Attach mounting hooks to finished object and mount to desired location.

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    5 weeks ago

    Clever reuse project - nicely done! : )