Kitchen Scrubber Filled With Catnip for the Feline in Your Life





Introduction: Kitchen Scrubber Filled With Catnip for the Feline in Your Life

About: I love browsing the instructables, THANKS THANKS to everyone that makes this site work. Smile. Especially the cat and dog aficionados.
$1 for scrubber that can be filled with catnip
  • Liquid soap scrub brush
  • Cable ties
  • Scissors
  • Catnip (optional)


After seeing my cats repeatedly rubbing against wire shelving,
I was determined to find some kind of brush material to make it more enjoyable.

This is part of (another instructable for) our 150-foot cat walk run WIRE SHELF ENCLOSURE. Please click on my photo icon to see links or see photo below to get the full picture. The cats are safe inside from basement to utility room to garage and in warm weather they will have access to a caged in porch outdoors.

Inserted later: It's been brought to my attention to get a quality brush and also supervise the cat in case of loose bristles.

My cats only seem to
chew on it when I enticed them for the video with catnip on the bristles. Or maybe they were showing off to Mom that they were brushing their teeth.
Panasonic has a nice camera out that hooks to your Internet ethernet for about $99 if you want to keep a close eye on your pet area from your smartphone or any Internet-enabled access point.


After a visit to the dollar store, I filled scrubber brushes with catnip (where liquid soap would be held) and rubbed catnip on the bristles. From there I attached the brushes in various areas on the wire shelving with cable ties. Remember to trim ties for safety.

I also have extra scrubbers to give them a "brush" once in awhile in passing.

Please see the photos and  videos which should illustrate purring, rubbing and general content.

Green brush-like Christmas tree branches would fit very well into my wire shelving units that keep my cats safe from the outdoor coyotes. They would add some greenery to the room which might be pleasing.

Thanks for viewing my instructable.

May more and more cats find good homes which make people AND cats happy.


Below is spare brush used manually.

40 seconds of purring and scrubbing:


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    BEWARE I read that broom bristles (which one of my cat likes to chew on)...can puncture a cat's beware of low grade objects like above or if you observe them trying to chew the sticklers. 8-)


    4 years ago

    Can u share how u made The cage for them ? Looks real cool

    1 reply

    If I did it again, (and I hope to do more) I would NOT old time toggle screws into the drywall on top. I read that there is a newer toggle bolt on the market.

    I think I would use more cage material, four sided, so that the entire front could drop down to maintain the carpet and clean the "walk."
    Please search "cat walk" to see more about this project. My cats still seem very happy with their cat walk.

    Thank you _very_ much. There are more high end scrubbers that have better fastening properties where the soap (catnip) goes. Good luck to everyone.

    Please visit your local shelter today if you have the slightest inclination to adopt a homeless dog or cat. xoxo

    scrubber4 (77).JPG
    2 replies

    And please consider BLACK cats and dogs- they get abandoned at a higher rate and adopted at a lower rate (with terrible consequences) ALL of our Black adoptees have been absolutely awesome pets! (Nothing like a parolee for gratitude!)

    Please forgive the soapbox.

    I just adopted a black boy cat(JoJo) last November. He is the perfect companion for our orange cat (KT) who we took in from some allergic friends a couple years ago. He is so majestic! I have always wanted a black cat, and I didn't mind adopting an older cat since our other cat was also a couple years old. Jojo was previously adopted as a kitten but then later abandoned, but this is a great shelter we got him from and he has one of those locater chips in him that was never changed from the shelter so he was returned. I love him, and he is always following me around and tucking next to me on the couch, and he has the loudest purr! He's a big fat, but such a lover. I was surprised that these superstitions about black cats still exist and make them harder to find homes for. We love our two kitty men! They are like brothers now, always cleaning/grooming, playing and sleeping with each other.

    Sorry, my fist thought was "this would be an awesome prank!" Fill someone else's scrubber with catnip, then laugh maniacally whenever they complain about losing their scrub brush...

    I love the ingenuity of this idea.... perhaps the risk would be reduced if you put a cotton port sock over it first? The bristles would still stick out some but perhaps would be contained if they came loose.

    2 replies

    Your cats are just so...soo...ADORABLE!!! Your black and white one reminds me of my neighbor's cat named White Socks, because he has white paws and it looks like he is wearing socks. I love that cat soo much and my friend has a picture of him sticking his tongue out.

    5 replies

    Thank you and thank you for appreciating cats. I wish everyone did!

    One black and white was found after being lost 1.5 weeks-- in a very high tree on Mothers day 2010...I took a walk and heard him..had to get a truck to get him down...

    the other one, I lost a cat to coyotes no doubt (cats got out). I put fliers in mailboxes for miles around. One night I got a call about a black and white....turned out NOT to be my cat but eventually it made it to our house and I was able to trap it and now we are one happy family. smile.

    A couple weeks ago there were coyotes in our neighborhood and they got a cat. We don't know who the cat belonged to, but it's still always sad when a living creature dies, unless that creature is Osama Bin Laden.

    did you see my other instructable, a contest finally got me to finish cats will not get out now, hopefully!!

    wire shelving............looks pretty neat and nice.....can be used later if a non cat owner gets my house (i hope that never happens!)

    I think you can click on my photo icon to see rest of instructables. Visit my cat lair, 150 feet! They love it! It was virtually finished in time for my birthday in February.

    I had to look that one up, google is good for any kind of question, always remind ourselves of this. I even found a part by googling just a part number on a household outdoor faucet hose, the stores didn't know what I meant...

    When in doubt, when your computer isn't working right, when you get an error message, google it!

    Right now a cotton pork sock is pictured here:well, I'm not on safari, but on firefox, so I cannot imbed the link.
    1 reply

    LOL! It was a typo! SPORT sock... those Tube socks they sell by the bundle... I use them for everything once a hole is in the toe. My dog loves her tennis ball stuck in one so she can fling it about.
    And yes, toxic tennis ball... this dog resolutely refuses any other kind! We have a vast collection of organic, and made for dogs balls but she won't hear of it!
    So, our job is to make their lives better, not bitter... I cut down on toxic substances in other areas of her life by making home made diet and minimal vaccines.

    When i was young-three years old- we had two black cats named Sabastain and Seth. We had to get rid of them because my dad was allergic. I miss them, and i really REALLY want a cat. they are just so cute and cuddly! My favourite cats are tuxedo mixes.

    Do you have any concerns with the plastic used in the bristles being toxic? Or even harmful (lodging in their intestines) if ingested?