Kitchen Stuck in the 80's !!

Introduction: Kitchen Stuck in the 80's !!

My kitchen needs help !!  I live in the house I grew up in.  I am the one in our family that hosts the birthdays and holidays.  I love to cook and entertain, but I would like a more modern space ...  I can picture my new kitchen having IKEA cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring and lighting.  I would like to totally re-do the space.  My plan is to have the refrigerator, stove and microwave moved to open up the wall that goes into my living room.  I would like to put at breakfast bar in that space, as well as an island in the middle of the room.  On the side where the sink is, I would like to put the refrigerator and also add a tall pantry to store groceries.  Where the stovetop is I'd put the microwave right above it and put in a stove/oven combination.   When I go to IKEA I am amazed at all the beautiful room ideas they have.  I have the Billy bookcases in my living room, as well as a couple of pieces in my bedroom.  It would be wonderful to have a new kitchen from IKEA !!!   

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    3 years ago

    Mine dates from 10-15 years earlier, and it's got fibre board which is mouldy, so I'm desperate too! Yours' looks like a palace in comparison, and as we've been knocking down walls and the like, it's got bigger (couldn't swing a cat!) but as it's an old house we don't have too many 90² corners to our rooms. I can't get ready made stuff (apart from them being expensive!), as well as 3 doors, one being glass, one an opening to the LR, and a 3rd to the boiler & co.

    I hope to find some good ideas here, and elsewhere on internet so I spend my nights pouring over kitchens, all perfect, but impossible for mine.

    Have you thought of paint for the cabinets, and mineral concrete paint on tiles/floors, and so on?

    There's lots of potentiel in your kitchen, but it does depend on tastes, money, and use.

    Good luck

    The kitchen looks perfectly fine just the way it is. I hate those home fixup shows when they find a house that hasn't been touched since the 70s or 80s and then just ruin it by making it look just like every other house in the world. No style to them. Just like cars. There are 3 or four different styles of cars and every car that comes out is just a variation of one of the styles. There isn't any imagination anymore...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    check our modest kitchen makeover out.... and if you like it, use our tips! meanwhile vote for us! we submitted our makeover for the "fix it" contest with voting now underway! :) Good luck!
    voting button on upper left of screen that comes up.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Much is so personal that only by sitting down with you could any designer help.

    Try this Make what is called a mood board by finding things you like on the web or in magazines and cutting them all onto a single page. Colours shapes, equipment even kitchens you like.

    This then gives some idea of where your at.

    In a large kitchen like yours a central island works well. Either with hob and work space on it or with sink and work space or just as work space and an informal eating area.

    Modern kitchens tend to be light in colour, feature stainless steel and good ligting.