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Introduction: Kitchen Writing Desk Lights

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This relatively simple custom LED light is used to provide task lighting to a writing desk and decorate the storage shelves above. It is made of Maple to match the surrounding wood. I carefully chose the desk lighting to be 2700K temperature for the warm color and a 6300K decorative light to bring out the colors in the various jars/paperweights.

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Step 1: Before

This picture shows what a dark space I had before. All the lights in the kitchen would be blocked when sitting at the desk.

Step 2: Simple Construction

A 4' wide 2.5"x3/4" maple board was rounded with a beading bit and sanded smooth. It attaches to the front of the shelf with two L brackets. I used 1 strip of LEDs on top. The electronics were thin enough to no interfere with the vertical dividers on the shelf. I used 3 strips wired in series on the bottom. These have a clear "water proof" vinyl like coating but that wasn't necessary.

Step 3: Wiring

I found two simple switches and a 2.5mm power jack in my parts bins and attached with a bit of metal and wood work. One switch powers 12vdc to the task lighting and the second switch controls the upper decorative light.

Step 4: Close Up of Wiring

In this picture you can see how I used a Dremel cut a channel to bury the upper LED wiring so the wood would sit flush against the shelf.

Step 5: Power Up

I'm power the system with a 12Vdc 2A switching power supply with a 2.5mm barrel connector.

The 3 strips (12' total) on the bottom have the 3 LEDs every 2 inches. The top strip uses double density with 3 LEDs every inch.

Although the LEDs aim backwards, there is sufficient reflection to illuminate the space well. If I had to redo, I would get the double density LEDs for the bottom.

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