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Got a monster for a teacher? Make a voodoo pincushion Kiteman sock Domo to talk things over with. Stuffed with years of experience and worldly knowledge, it's sure to pique anyone's interest.

Fabriques dans les colonies, make your own across the pond from a lonely sock.  The other one got lost in the dryer to join the Foreign Legion somewhere. It can be holely or not, but will be a revered DIY icon once it is finished.

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Step 1: Sock It to Me...

For this simple craft project,

You need:

One sock.
If you have a pair, maybe make the other one a Kiteman Sock Puppet.

Some craft sheet foam, for the details. You can also use felt or scraps of cloth.

A piece of foam, or polyester fiberfill or cottom batting or cloth scraps for stuffing

Two beads or buttons for the eyes if you want a polished look.

Some stiff wire if you want to put in the arms to make it poseable.

Basic sewing skillz. I will use a sewing machine to speed things up.

Hot glue gun to attach the details. You can also glue or stitch on.

CAUTION - Crafting uses some seriously potentially dangerous tools and machinery. You should seriously learn the potential of your tools and machinery or else you could potentially seriously get hurt.

Step 2: Hand It Over...

Flatten out a sock.

Sew four lines or seams where the heel of the sock meets the ribbed cuff.

These will become the arms of your Kite Domo.

Cut next to the seams, not too close, and you get two sewn strips.

Cut off the ends.

Use a pen or chopstick or something similar to turn them inside out.  We want the fuzzy inside of the sock to be our "fur" for the Domo.

Stuff the end with a little bit of fiberfill or scrap fabric to make a hand.

Step 3: Work the Midsection...

On the front part of the sock, mark the layout of your Domo.

Mock up the arms and mark off what length they should be.

Cut slits in the Domo at the shoulder placement and insert the arms inside the sock.
When the body is turned inside out, the arms will be sewn in place with a nice finished seam.

Sew the arm in the openings.  Sew close off any opening around the arm.

Tuck the arms in away from the bottom.

Sew one foot and around the V-shaped inseam.

You need to keep an opening in order to stuff it.

Step 4: Stuff It!

Turn the whole thing inside out through the leg opening

I had a piece of foam from some packaging.

Cut a piece that will fit the Domo.  Cut a notch for the legs.

Roll up and squeeze in through the leg opening.  You can also stuff it with anything else like fiberfill or even beanie baby beads.

When satisfied with massaging the fill, sew off the leg opening.

Step 5: Details, Details, ...

Cut out pieces of craft foam, felt or scrap fabric to make the details.

Pens in pocket

Hot glue, sew or glue on to the Domo.

And there ya go....Enjoy!

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    So what *is* the secret for being immortalized by the handsome and talented Caitlinsdad? (I'm hoping flattery has something to do with it. . . )

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    How did you know what I was wearing today?!
    I think I need to make a guide of all your Instructablers tributes.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I was wondering when you would submit your monster. Somehow, it's no surprise to me that your monster wears glasses...

    It's a bit of a sheep in a wolveskin. I like it!

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It would be shortsighted of me not to make Kiteman without the glasses. It's like the Domo gets a job episode.....wait, that situation sounds familiar... 8-)