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Introduction: Kite Skateboard

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I decided to share this project with you even though I didnt take any photos of its first steps ,Yet I am posting the photos of 90% of this project hoping this would be helpfull .
I used 3 sheet of ply wood to make the Skate body and pressed it with  weight to get it into Arc shape (as per first few photos).

I have also used a tin sheet metal from an old cabinet drawer to enforce the Kiteboard top and bottom .

Then I ran a 2" leafspring sheet on the bottom portion of the board tip to tip to work as a shock absorber.



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    Wow! what a great job! I build longboards for a side job and it really is easy to build boards using a vacuum bag and lots of maple layers. Maybe even eliminate the need for steel reinforcing if you do it that way. My one add might be if you are needing a different turn radius you can go up to a 44deg kick (upturn) for the truck mounts. cool project!

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    How wide and long is this board? PLS reply quickly cause I might be going to micheals soon and they have baltic birch plywood. Also, how thick is the board?

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    I used 3 sheet of marine ply wood about 3mm thick each ,30cm wide ,100cm long ( before binding ),pressed together while still wet I but lots if weigh in the middle of the board for almost 3 days to dry ,then I cut the Edges into the desired shape ,
    - in order to get the tips in the opposite angle I jammed the tips in a vice and pulled the board from the medel using a strap ,I use to spray the wood with water during molding it into the final shape and leave for days before i repeat the action for the other sides tip.
    when finaly had it the way it looks now ,drilled the holes for all the wheel assy and the foot straps .the tires cane from a hand trolly .

    Please let me know if you need any more details also you can google " mountain boards" or "kite skates " for different shapes and sizes of the same also you cane got to : for a varity of DIY wind power projects ,

    I have done some other related projects but never had the chance to post ,the photos were random but available

    Really nice looking! Oddly reminiscent of a dirtboard (or mountainboard depending on who you ask) but what ever it is awesome none the less.

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    I agree. This looks like the cheapest, best functioning, and awesomest DIY mountain board! I plan on making this and making Sauls 6.5 or 12 meter kite as a kiteboarding setup! Any article links on kiteboarding? Of one on how to ride?

    VERY cool! What are the coil springs from? Are those old automotive engine valve springs?

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    Thanks Tray ,
    Close enough

    I got them from an old Forklift engine ,but I had to expand them a bit pass the elastic point to gain more blank space in between the sprig rings, I did it because it was too hard to steer back into straight position ( I weigh 95 kg ) and these springs stores enough energy to do the job , they worked like a charm


    I found them in the local market, they use them for two wheels type hand trolly


    just the general shape and measurements if possible. Thanks for your quick reply!

    Hi Kiteman,
    thanks for viewing my project,hope you find it good

    As per step-by-step instructable,Well, It was planned this way,but for some reason I spent more than 7 hrs and 6 attempts to Upload the photos and every time I upload a good number of them something goes wrong with the network and send me back to the blank upload page ,
    So I went on and published what I found saved in my library with some or no comments at all

    Anyhow I am willing to answer any question .