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Many years ago now, TSwift stepped out in some super cute kitty cat flats, and as I am probably a bigger cat person than she is, I HAD to get a pair. That is, at least, until I found out her shoes by Charlotte Olympia were $700 (now only $500!) and I don't have that budget. Some internet sleuthing revealed a few attempts to DIY a pair, but I didn't have all the supplies the other crafters suggested, so I developed my own method for making a look-alike pair of kitty shoes =^.^= It's pretty easy and cost me a grand total of ~$20, including the shoes!!

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies needed:

Pair of loafer style shoes - I went with a black suede pair I found at Target for $20, but other colors and fabrics should work!

Scissors - I used paper and fabric pairs because I had them, but only one pair is necessary

Gold paint & Thin paintbrush (Alternative: gold paint pen)

Black marker - or whatever color matches the shoes you purchased.


Blue marker - not strictly necessary, anything really works to create stencils, but this what I grabbed from the drawer.

Step 2: Make the Shoes!

Since my pair of loafers had a plastic band going across the toe, I first removed it with my scissors to leave a plain loafer shoe. The next step is to cut out the ears by cutting into the loafer tab. I'd recommend cutting conservatively first and then narrowing and evening out the ears until you like the way they look. The size and shape are up to you and what size your shoes are - I aimed to have the middle part between the ears be ever so slightly above the horizontal level the loafers tab came with.

Next, use your paper and pen to mark out stencils for the eyes and nose. I found it helpful to cut out two eyes and mark one with where I was planning to put the iris to get a good idea for size and placement. Remember that you'll be marking around the outside of the stencils, so make them a hair smaller than the final size.

Using your paint, stencil around each eye and nose with faux-stitching markings. Fill in the iris, ears, and nose solid gold and then finally paint in the kitty mouth. It was helpful for me to count the number of 'stitches' I was going to paint in in order to plan placement.

Because the leather was beige when I cut it away for the ears, I used a black sharpie to color in the edge between the ears and make the shoe more finished overall. This is totally optional, but I liked the way it finished everything. The other totally optional finishing step is to paint the heel gold :)

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    10 Discussions

    This is so clever and looks so easy!! I'm going to look for some flats at goodwill and give this a shot! I'll share pics. Awesome idea!

    1 reply

    Very cute! The gold on the heel really adds to the overall design. I like this a lot. Nice job!

    1 reply

    Thanks! I am a fan of that detail as well :)

    So cute! Really precise paint job, they came out great.

    1 reply

    These are so cute for any age! Just one clarification, please: how did you attach the ears? Or did you cut the material from underneath & lift it up? Just think you saved $700! Now you can splurge at the craft store!

    1 reply

    You actually cut into the shoe, cutting away part of the loafer flap. No lifting of material nor addition of material. If you look closely at the photos, you can see that before I did anything, there is what almost looks like piping around the loafer and when the ears are cut in, the piping only remains on the outside of the ears. Does that help?