Kitty Bank




Introduction: Kitty Bank

You've heard of a piggy bank, but how about a Kitty Bank? Make a fun Kitty Bank with just a few materials. Makes a great gift!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need:

  • paper-mache figure ( I bought this cat paper mache figure at my local craft store)
  • Mod Podge Glue (Matte works best)
  • a paintbrush
  • Colorful paper
  • scissors

Step 2: Cut Paper

Next you'll want to cut your colorful paper into strips to make it simpler to wrap your gift. You'll add modpodge glue to each strip.

Step 3: Add Strips to Figure

Next you'll begin adding the strips of paper to the kitty. Before completely adding, make sure you draw a small boxed area where you'd like to make the hole to insert coins. As you add strips of paper, cut as you see fit so that the paper fits into smaller places.

Step 4: Cut Coin Slot

As you near the back of the cat, where the coin slot is, stop and cut out the hole. I drilled a small hole into the slot then used a sharp knife to continue to cut the slot out.

Step 5: Continue Wrapping in Paper

Continue wrapping the kitty in paper, making sure to keep the slot open.

Step 6: Let Dry and Add Coins!

Finally, let it dry and then add your coins! It's a nice addition to any bookcase or desk and really colorful. Enjoy!



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    8 Discussions

    how do you take the coins out?


    2 years ago

    This would be such a cute gift for anyone who loves kitties XD

    This is adorable! I love the paper you used. :)

    This is adorable! Is this the kind of bank you have to destroy to get your money out?!

    1 reply

    Lol, Yes, unfortunately unless you make a hole at the bottom beforehand! But just make sure to fill er' up before making a withdrawal! :)

    A kitty bank is so much better looking than an ordinary piggie bank.