Kitty Cat Ears




Introduction: Kitty Cat Ears

Here are the cat ears that matches my cat kitty paw gloves!

Materials: furry fabric, stretchy fabric, hair band or hair clip.
Tools: sewing machine/thread & needle, glue gun, scissors, marking pen, paper.

Step 1: Outline and Cut Pattern

You can use the same fabric as I did for the paw gloves, or any faux fur (back) and 4-way scretchy (front) fabric.

Draw and cut the pattern as shown on paper, with the inside (scretchy) fabric a bit smaller. When using faux fur, the different sizes for the front and back pieces will pull the faux fur to the front a little bit and create a faux fur brim in the front of the ears (super cute)!

Place the cut pattern on the fabrics as shown, draw the outline, and cut the fabric.

Step 2: Sew the Cat Ears

Place the fabric face to face (the side you want to show off), secure with pins or fingers, then start sewing from one of the corners as shown. Sew to the other corner, leaving the 'V' open, flip inside out. If necessary, you can sew another line along the outline of the ear for more support (to make it stiffer) as shown in the 2nd picture.

Secure the 'V' together (I used my fingers) and sew it using a tight zig-zag stitch.

Repeat same steps for the other ear.

Step 3: Gluing the Cat Ears

You can use hair clips, but I prefer hair bands as shown because it is more secure especially if I'm acting like a CAT!

If using hair clips, simply put it together with a glue gun.

If using a hair band, position it where you want, then glue it more toward the front so the ears will stay erect.


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