Kitty Cat House

Introduction: Kitty Cat House

This is a simple house for cats made out of scrap wood and scrap carpet. It is a scratching post and a great cozy place for your cat. In pet stores see these houses at pet stores for 100 or more dollars. this house only costed me 20-30 dollars! This is also an only 2 hour build!

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Step 1: Materials

You are going to need for this project:

  • plywood or OSB
  • 2x4"
  • some carpet if wanted
  • a blanket
  • 0.5x3" wood
  • wood glue
  • 8x3" screws
  • small screws
  • small nails
  • thin wood

For tools you will need:

  • a mitre saw
  • drill
  • driver
  • 1/8 drill bit
  • measuring tape
  • knife.
  • hammer

Step 2: Pieces

The first step is to make the box for your cat to stay in. You're going to want your box to be a perfect cube. I figured out a size that fits my cat which is 14.5x14.5". This size is perfect for my cat to able to have enough room to move around and stand up.To begin make 5 14.5x14.5 squares. After you have your five squares, cut your 2x4" into eight right triangles. You do this by setting your mitre saw at a 45 degree angle and cut. After you've done this, switch it back to 0 degrees and cut it straight. Do this four times and you got your eight right triangles.

Step 3: Putting the Box Right Triangles On

Putting the box together is very simple but it takes time. The first step is putting the right angles on. put your right triangle on the 14.5x14.5" in the corner. Then trace it and take the triangle off. Put a dot a little more to the edge; that way later on it won't go through the other screw. Now drill a hole where you put your dot and screw a 8x3" screw in with your driver. Only screw in your screw until the tip is pointing out the other side of your plywood. If you put your right angle on the the screw where it's flush with the edges and push it should make an indent. The indent is where you want to drill your hole. After, screw the rest of your screw into the right triangle. Do this on all four corners on 2 14.5x14.5" .

Step 4: Putting the Back On

Putting the box together is the simplest thing. Put your two pieces from last step side ways on the ground with your third 14.5x14.5" lying across on the back. Then drill a hole in a four corners but instead of on the edge put them farther away. This will make it so you don't drill into your other screw. Then after you're done drilling all of the four corners screw your 8x3" screws into them.

Step 5: Adding the Top and Bottom.

For the top and bottom it's a little different . You have to use smaller screws. Do the same thing you did on step 3, but instead of putting one screw in you put in two. Do this on your top and bottom using your fourth and fifth 14.5x14.5" boards.(In the picture with the crack, there's suppose to be none but its just because I didn't have enough wood)

Step 6: The Stand

You have finally finished the box and need to build the stand. For this you need your 2x4" to be one foot long. so cut it with your mitre saw one foot. This will be your cat's scratching post. For the bottom you can use a piece of plywood any size that you think is needed.For a bottom I used a piece that was 15x9" and it seems to be working just fine. To attach the 2x4" to the plywood, use three 8x3" screws to screw it on. Make sure it's right in the middle. To attach it to the box I used a piece the same same size and screwed it on with 8x3" screws. Using the smaller screws, screw them in again, in all the four corners. Make sure the stand is centered in on the box.

Step 7: The Ladder.

For the ladder I used a left over piece of cedar, but you cat use a 2x4". you will need to cut your thin wood the same length as your 2x4". Glue your wood on every two inches.

Step 8: The Front

The front of your cat house is going to look really nice. Use your 0.5x3" wood and cut out two 14.5 inch long boards. Screw it on to the right triangle on the top and bottom on both sides. For the top in the middle use the same wood and cut it down to five inches. Cut it how high your cat is to make your cat a perfect fit. Glue it on with your wood glue.

Step 9: Adding the Carpet

Adding carpet is optional, but it looks better and if you do have it, it's a scratching post. To add the carpet you're going to need to use your small screws, small nails, and wood glue. Your first step is to cut out 3 pieces of carpet. Each piece will be 14.5x14.5". These pieces will go on the sides and the top. to attach these use your wood glue and put glue all over the wood. Then place the carpet on the glue and use your small screws to screw on each corner. Do this on each side. For the 2x4" make pieces of the size of each side and do the same thing. The bottom is different through. Cut out pieces that fit around the 2x4" and glue it one. now use your small nails or and nail the carpet on. This is so your house doesn't wreck your floor. If you want you can do the same thing on the bottom.

Step 10: The Last Step.

The last step of making your cat house is the inside. Add what you think your cat will like. You could add a blanket or cat treats or you can make a toy for your cat.

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