Kitty Door Magnetic Rain Flap



Introduction: Kitty Door Magnetic Rain Flap

About: Maker/Inventor-thing [NYC x SF]

When it's raining and sliding door is closed but your feral kitties need to go...cuz they crazy.

- Marking pen
- Knife
- Scissors
- Tape (Duct may not be the best, will explain)

- Cardboard
- Garbage bag
- Square neodymium magnets

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Step 1: Draw Out Plan and Start!

Measure your door, how much space you have to place the magnets, and how high you want the kitty door.

Step 2: Cut and Fit

Start cutting from the measurements and create the flap you want

// Be mindful of how it will snap in...
In design, ABTA: Always Be Thinking Ahead

In the moment, just breathe and enjoy what's in front of you :)

Step 3: Wrap the Cardboard in the Bodybag

A deal you can't refuse (you've come this far)!

You can use the funky LED-modded Bag Sealer you made previously to cut and seal but scissors and tape work as well ;)

// I guess this is a good time to talk about the Tape of Duct:
the kitties might not like the smell, they have used the door but they seem very wary and I can especially understand from the usual smell of our present culprit.

Step 4: Apply Magnets Like Smerhh

Lay down the magnet, tape and then tape, and follow with a magnet (making sure to align polarities correctly)
Sort like laying down brick and mortar?

Create a nice solid top flap so it hangs with a sturdy gusto!
(I used larger magnets for the top)

Step 5: Ta-Da!

If you look at the photo with the Door Flap installed (#2), you'll see how I made some side flaps for the hinging door flap
...That may also be the reason why it was tripping out the kitties.

Experiment! (and get back to me)

// You can most definitely get it looking prettier than mine

+it folds up!

Hope you enjoyed.

*Question I want to leave you with:

What else can you make with cardboard to enhance your day-to-day life?

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