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Introduction: Kitty Door

I recently moved, and had to find a new home for the litter box, the bathroom. I also have two dogs, and they had taken to snacking when I wasn't paying attention. Hence, the kitty door. It needs to be big enough for the cats, but not big enough for the dogs.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Step 2: Measure Your Cat

Measure from your cat's belly to their shoulder, and your cat's width too.

I wanted a little extra room, but I measured one of the dogs to see how much room I had. I decided to make the door 7 inches high, and 6 inches wide.

Step 3: Remove the Door

If you remove the hinge pins, the door comes right off. I was able to remove both pins with a screwdriver and a hammer. Hang onto those pins. You'll need them to put the door back on.

Step 4: Find the Center

Measure the width of the door, and make a mark in the center.

Step 5: Find the Apex

Measure from the bottom of the door up about 7 inches, and make a mark. Hopefully, this mark intersects with the one you made previously. If you need to, redo the previous step to get the marks to intersect.

Step 6: Find the Width

Mark the width of the cat door with two more lines.

Step 7: Draw the Arch

I found a paper bowl that was pretty close to six inches, so I used that to draw my arch.

Step 8: Cut Out the Door

Wearing your safety glasses? Good. Using your jigsaw, cut an arch.

Step 9: Hang the Door

Put the door back on and replace those hinge pins.

Kitty knows right where to go, and the dogs can no longer get in.

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    5 Discussions


    9 months ago

    Cute pets and funny description!


    4 years ago

    Good job of it. Seems unfortunate to ruin a good solid wood door. I think I'd find a cheap hollow core door. One could also use vinyl weather stripping to edge the inside cut.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you. Said door is a hollow core. I was considering something like vinyl weather stripping, but I find that I'm more interested in the next project.


    4 years ago

    Let's take a moment to talk about shop safety:

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice. This kind of opening will also help with the air circulation in your room.