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Introduction: Kitty Litter Box

I was tired of cleaning spilled and tracked litter around the cat litter box. I also needed one that kept the dogs out. I went to the local pet store to find a better solution. The one I liked was about 30 dollars. I figured I could make one for much less. Hope you like it. The cats sure do!

For this project, you will need:
1. A Plastic Storage tote (mine was about 18 gallons or so.
2. A piece of indoor/outdoor carpet, to fit the top of the lid. (you could use a doormat or even a automobile floor mat)
3. Scissors or a utility knife.
4. A marker
5. Liner (I used a lawn and leaf bag)
6. Kitty litter
7. A cat named Biscuit or Chau or by any other name. (If you don't already have one)

Step 1: Get a Plastic Storage Tote

I found an 18 gallon tote with lid the latches for about 6 bucks.

Step 2: Draw the Entry Way on the Lid.

I used a bowl to draw about an 8 inch circle for the entry way

Step 3: Cut Out the Entry Way

I used a utility knife blade because I could not find my utility knife. (It would be much easier if the blade is in the knife). Hopefully, you can find yours.

Step 4: Make Pattern for Carpet Top

Use a large piece of paper to trace and make a pattern to fit on top of the lid. I used a piece of drawing paper from big roll of paper my  Grand Kids use. But a piece of butcher paper or wrapping paper would do the trick as well. Make it so that it fits inside the raised edges of the lid.

Step 5: Cut the Carpet Top to Fit.

I was able to cut the carpet top with scissors. You can tape the pattern to the carpet or just draw around it with a marker.

Step 6: Cut the Circled Entry Way Out of the Carpet

Again I used scissors to do this, but a utility knife would probably work better.

Step 7: Liner and Litter.

I used a Lawn and Leaf bag as a liner. It fit really tight around the container. Then I added some litter.

Step 8: Complete!

Put the lid on and latch it. Place the carpet on top. You may want to use double sided carpet tape or even Velcro. I did not want to glue it because I want to be able to remove it and wash it when needed with the water hose. I like this design with the entry hole on one end. That way the cats have plenty of room to jump on top.

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    5 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Definitely making this! My kitten is a terrible litter maniac and there's more on the floor than in her box.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hello! I made 2 of these, the first I made was with carpet on top (duck tape on--) problem was the duck tape lasted holding them onto the box than the carpeting stayed clean) so with the 2nd one I used self adhesive stair treads!! (bought at menards) and that has been perfect... love it and have put the stair tread on the first litter box.

    Sars Jones
    Sars Jones

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I loved this. Out of all the top-entry litter box tutorials this helped me best realize my vision. I didn't mess with large bags or attachments but instead had a small size litter box that fit perfectly into the large bin. The velcro tip was key! I found a dish mat that was on sale for $8 and made out of foam so it was really easy to cut and not a lot of fraying. Thanks again!