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These are two kitty pouches done in tapestry crochet. Refer to my Instructable to learn how to tapestry crochet.

The littler pouch is done for a Nokia C6 Smatrphone, it's 5x11x1,5 cm.

The bigger is 8x8cm.

They are work in spirals.

Step 1:

Make a foundation chain.

(Little) 18 ch

(Big) 23 ch

Work the chain up and down. Worh 3 sc (single crochet) in the first and last chain.

Work even one row.

Step 2:

Using the kitty pattern, crochet:

(little) 2 rows of kitties and one decorative "<" line, or 3 kitties rows.

(big) 1 row of kitties in blue and 1 in light blue.

Step 3:

Little pouch:

finish with 1 sc row and 1 reverse single crochet row. Do not fasten off, but crochet a chain or a single crochet foundation chain as long as you desire the strap to be. You may want to go back and crochet sc on the chain in both cases.

Fasten off and hide the tail :)

Step 4:

Big pouch:

with blue, crochet 1 row in sc, 1 row in reverse single crochet.

Fasten off and hide the tail.

Sew a botton. :) As for the little pouch you can add a strap to wear it!

Enjoy and vote for this if you like it!

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    Mixey 101
    Mixey 101

    5 years ago

    So cute . It's perfect because I love cats :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you. I love cats too. And mostly I love my cat :D