Klingon Handcuffs

Introduction: Klingon Handcuffs

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Instructions for Making Klingon Hand Cuffs

By Lord VamPyr

I started this as I have not seen instructions for making Klingon Hand cuffs. I will try to include all steps and information required to make these here in this manual.

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Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools.

Materials: 2 - 2"X4"X14" Wood.
Steel Ring 1/4 X 2"
D-Ring Latches. Just need the latch..
Narrow Hinge 1 inch.
Sheetmetal Screws #10 X 1/2
Locking Latch
Rust Color Primer

3" or 3 1/2" hole Drill Bit.(I used 3 1/2")
Miter Saw or Table saw with a Miter Slide.
#2 Common Screw driver.
#2 Philips Screwdriver.
Sander.. ( You are going to need to sand the Wood smooth.)

Step 2: Cut 2 - 2 X 4 X 16".

Mark Blocks with Cut lines.Line Layout

Camp the together so you can safely cut out the 3 1/2 " holes. and cut them out.

Cut the Angle cuts using the Miter Saw.

Step 3: Sand Sand Sand.

Now sand everything.. I used a drum sander, a Belt Sander, and a hand sander.

Step 4: Now Paint It.

Now paint it using the primer. and sand it all again lightly.

Step 5: Add All the Hardware.

Now add all hardware. Add the screws, ring, hinge, and latch..

Step 6: Now Paint It Again Using the Primer.

Paint again 2 coats of primer and add hardware. I also included some rare earth magnets to help when keeping them closed when putting them on.(Not shown here.)

Step 7: Now Paint Everything Again.

Paint everything again use 2 coats.

You can add symbols and letters like I have.
Paint Klingon trefoil and apply with epoxy, and paint letters.

Step 8: Now Add the Top and Bottom Square Accessories.

Now add the top and bottom square accessories. I had to hand make these as you cannot just find them anywhere. Took me a lot of time to make as I want to be able to make them available to the group.

So if you need them email me or PM me on FB.

For accessories.

Step 9: Disclaimer

This set of Klingon hand cuffs are not exact to the "On Screen" used prop but are for a more manageable prop.

They are also fun to use for a charity Jail!

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    These are awesome! It's great to have a new member of the community post something so great!