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Introduction: Knapping Glass Points

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got this allegedly "antique" yellow glass jar at a yard sale for the change in my pocket, made this yellow glass point to win the Instructables glass contest, cause I could sure use a Dremel, so thank you for voting for it to win the contest, this is my 1st attempt a publishing an instructable so I might have had some trouble getting the pics in the right order, but you get the idea, the pic in step 1 is some antler tools that I use, should have been last

Step 1:

deer antler tools used to Knapp glass points

Step 2:

used a hammer to detach the bottom from the rest of the jar, but in a pinch, rock should work too

Step 3:

next carefully chip off the "lip", using a bopper, the one I used in this case, was of deer antler,

Step 4:

bop the lip off to create a "zig-zag" edge, aka a scissored or working edge all the way around the piece to make a "pre-form"

Step 5:

then use the bopper to "skin" the pre-form of all of its factory edge, the outer layer of glass that contacted the mold that made the jar

Step 6:

as the factory edge comes off the pre-form takes on a rough shape that is ready for pressure flaking

Step 7:

used an antler pick to pressure flake this point out of the skinned pre-form, did it come out good enough to will the Instructables glass contest? thank you for viewing, and your input & don't forget to vote for your favorites, this one;).

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i had twice the occasion to watch a guy working flint to create prehistoric tools, i find the process fascinating. i can picture how you did this (though i would have been pleased to see you working!). i've never imagined it could be feasible with glass! you got my vote

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thank you, glass is cheap compared to flint unless you have a local source

tymtyutlinbilm;9oy uhbjk; liyup.890-

that is latin for nice job. that is verv cool

Percussion angle, below the center line, how to grip the glass and in what (looks like terrycloth), abrading the edge for a better strike, striking v pressure flaking...talking about any of them would help.

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sounds like you knapp? yes it is an old towel, thank you for your feedback I will try to do better next time


1 year ago

your's is very interesting. Have you used obsidian instead of glass?

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yes, but it came from the rock shop as obsidian don't grow so well where I live anymore thanks to AGW ;)

This looks pretty cool, I also knap glass and thought about making an instructable for this contest, but I don't really need the dremel although it would be cool (: One tip is to explain more clearly how to flake the glass, or add a video. Voted

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thank you, "explain more clearly how to flake the glass" as a fellow knapper how would you?

have asked that myself, best answer so far, is practice, trial & error, & watch youtube

need to get a real camera, maybe will trade a dremel for 1? :) thanks again

You could maybe have some close ups of the positioning of your tool on the glass, or explain a little more clearly about the positioning. Your piece is really nice looking, have you thought about mounting it on an arrow?

Nice work bro! Like you, this is my first time making an instructables, but it was fun! Hope you win that Dremel!

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If you warm the bottle over a fire for 5_10 minutes the bottoms will brake off cleanly with less mess.

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