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About: Hi, I'm KneXtreme. I'm a Christian and I'm home schooled. I love to build with almost anything especially knex. I also do Taekwondo and collect coins. Just so you know, I don't hang around youtube ...
Greetings all you fellow knexers.
      This is my official guide to all my ball machine elements. From now on (when I make a new ball machine or a new element) they will be posted here.  Keep checking back now and then for new elements. If you have not seen any of my ball machines here they are. Enjoy.

Step 1: Tire Stairs

This is a variation of one of Thilbault Art's element in his ball machine Route 66

Step 2: Custom Paving

Step 3: Side Winder

This is a variation of one of Yardking42's elements in his ball machine Arcane

Step 4: Chain Path

Step 5: Vertical Panel Zig-Zag

Step 6: Ball Arms

Step 7: Gear Hills

Step 8: Ferris Wheels

Here is the piece count for the big ferris wheel.

Red rod: 1
Gray rods: 64
Yellow rods: 64
White rods: 128
Yellow connectors: 64
Red connectors: 64
Orange connectors: 64
Green connectors: 2
Silver spacers: 4

Step 9: Smooth Paving

The paving is from the Down Hill Thrill or the Real Bridge Building sets. I used this paving in my ball machine Boron and my failed ball machine.

Step 10: Spinning Circles

There are two different circles. The one on the left is the kicking circle, which kicks the ball as it exits. The other one is the dropping circle, which lets the ball just fall through.

Step 11: Vertical Clickers

Step 12: Panel Stairs

Step 13: Panel Drop

Step 14: Spiral Stairs

Step 15: Flat Clickers

The clickers are actually the clamps from the knex electronic arcade set.

Step 16: The Flippin' Wheel

Thanks to poncho531 for the name.

Step 17: Bendy Paving

Step 18: Mini Roller Coaster Track

 Finally! Something to use all that mini roller coaster track for, that is if you have a lot Y-clips. Turns are possible but are very hard to make.

Step 19: Sharp Corner

This is not a new element but it is a nice way to make a sharp corner.

Step 20: Half Loop

Step 21: Panel Paving

Step 22: Motorcycle Elements

This is for all you ball machine builders who don't know what to do with all those motorcycle parts.

Step 23: Simple Stairs

Step 24: Orange Paving

The ball rolls in between the orange bumps.

Step 25: Dual Paving

     There are two ways to build this. Version one is using the red tubing as guard rails and version two is using the bendy rods as guard rails. Both versions work well but version one is a little more smooth.

Step 26: Spiral Bowls

Pictures 5 though 12 and 20 though 23 of the first bowl show each section going counterclockwise.

Step 27: Spiral Panel Stairs

This element was originally designed by martb95.

Step 28: Obstacle Path

This element was originally designed by martb95.

Step 29: Jungle Bridges

Step 30: Gear and Panel Maze

I got this idea after watching nschmal1's ball machine The Prize

Step 31: Vertical Panel Pinwheels

Step 32: Zig-Zag

This element only works with the original balls.

Step 33: Panel Cage

Step 34: Roller Coaster Paving

Step 35: Bezempje95's Path Selector

Step 36: Horizontal Path Selector

Step 37: Convex Path Selector

Step 38: Roller Coaster Slope

Step 39: Muti Connector Bridge

Step 40: The End

Well, that's it. Remember to keep checking back for updates. Also if you have any questions please comment. Enjoy :)



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    58 Discussions

    The Knex Inventor

    3 years ago

    Awesome guide! I will try to incorperate some of these elements in my next ball machine.

    knex crazy

    3 years ago

    doesn't this work a lot better for the micro track?

    1 reply
    www139knex crazy

    Reply 3 years ago

    I think he made it this way so then you can use the classic pieces with the micro track. ;)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is one of the best guides!
    There are many elements of this guide in my next ball machine! By example step 1... Thanks!

    2 replies

    No prop. Good luck designing elements. I'm interested to see what you come up with. Most of the time I just make a new version of a older element. Like a ferris wheel, stairs, or ball arm. Other times I base my elements off of other peoples elements. Like the gear/panel maze or the panel stairs. Hopefully this helps a little with designing new elements.

    Thanks, I think it will. One reason I like your guide so much is that it uses odd pieces in cool ways. For example, I never seem to be able to find ways to use my panel pieces...and your guide is the only one so far that has several ways to use these otherwise dust-collecting pieces. Once again, great job!