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Introduction: Knetix Magnum (killerk's Perfected)

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Here it is! The first version of killerk's magnum to have a functioning magazine. I was messin around with the magnum and figured out a way to pt on a magazine as well as make it shoot rods, instead of the rod with the red connector. I have also improved the trigger.

-Improved trigger
-50-60 foot range
-9 shot magazine
-contained firing pin (so theres no annoying thing sticking out when u pull back the pin)
-good sight

-A little flimsy at the middle
-only accurate at short range


Step 1: Support Plates

A pretty easy step. These are what holds the front of the gun together and makes it a little stronger.

Step 2: The Magazine and Mag Ram

This mag holds 9 blue rods and never jams

Step 3: Upper Body

This the upper part of the body of the gun. At the middle its kind of weak so it would be good if you could come up with a way to make supports for it without getting in the way of the ram handle.

Step 4: Lower Body

This is the lower body (really?). This includes the barrel of the gun as well as the area where the magazine is located.

Step 5: Stock

Fairly easy step. You could really just put any kind of sock on this gun, but this is the one i made. It holds extra ammo and is pretty comfortable.

Step 6: The Trigger

This is the new improved trigger i came up with. I guess u could use the original killerk trigger if you really wanted to, but I prefer this one.

Step 7: Sight

This sight is accurate at close up targets, but not long range ones.

Step 8: Put It Together

Putting all the parts together

Step 9: Adding Rubber Bands

Adding the rubberbands
To load:lift out mag ram and insert blue rods
To fire: pull back ram until you hear a click. Pull trigger.




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    18 Discussions

    instead of putting all that stuff on the magnum could you just attach a magazien to it? if so for killerks magnum notify me thanks :)

    i guess you could replace some of the blue rods with the white rods, but when u build it, youll find that all the pieces are nessecary

    looks like threes alot of unnecessary pieces.

    sharpen the blue rods. looses a little range, but massively increased dammage.