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I started a pump knex crossbow but I do not have the pieces to finish so I thought I would show someone who has the pieces my idea.

How it works
The pump is pulled and through a series of pulleys it brings the rubber band back. Once pump is completely pulled back it laches onto trigger and once the trigger is pulled it fires a bullet. I also had trouble with a mag so ill let someone build it and find a way to make a mag for it

Sorry I can't draw worth 2 cent
If you do build please give me credit for the design

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    4 Discussions

    The Knex Inventor

    3 years ago

    What a coincidence! I have never seen this mechanism before, and I just thought up the exact same thing right before I viewed this Instructable!

    I may attempt to use this concept sometime in one of my K'NEX guns/crossbows.

    Lucas The Boss

    5 years ago

    Thanks I wish I had the pieces to build it though