Knex 3-Way Geartrain Switch




Introduction: Knex 3-Way Geartrain Switch

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This is a 3-way path selector I made for my ball machine. it uses a standard toggle switch, an arm, a gear train, and a rotating switch in the design. In some of the pictures where you are shown the pieces needed for that step, some of the pieces are missing. There aren't many of them, i think its just a white rod and an orange straight connector. Also, a little bit of this switch diverges from the regular blue rod grid, but not in any way that should profoundly affect a machine.

Step 1: The Arm

This is the Arm that Resets the switch

Step 2: Small Frame

This is the smaller part of the frame of the switch

Step 3: Toggle Switch

This is the toggle switch, it comes after the rotating switch, and before the arm.

Step 4: Rotating Switch

This is the rotating switch. It also contains the entrance.

Step 5: Large Frame

This is the larger part of the frame.

Step 6: Putting It Together

In this step, we put all of the pieces together

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    2 years ago

    That's pretty awesome! Separators that separate three balls evenly are pretty rare, but you nailed it! :-D