Knex ABR V2





Introduction: Knex ABR V2

I could've done better on this but I have better ideas for the future. I will not be posting this as an ible.



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    From what I see, the part that you pull looks like this: (not sure what's on top of the orange connectors though, as I don't have this gun)


    On those orange connectors there is another orange connector and in the top white connectors there are two yellow connectors with a broken rod in the bottom diagnal so the block doesnt break

    i know, but knowing how much i rate this gun would probably make the author feel better : )

    If you remove the rod and orange con from the mag pusher, hook the bands on the yellow con and you got an internal mag pusher!

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    You still have to put the mag in the gun and there would be no place to put the band