Knex AK-47.




Hello again, this is my (working) knex version of the famous AK-47. I have to say it was a nightmare to build. The front barrel part thingo is not really good-looking or something, but oh well. It's a bit weird because the barrel is on the top of the gun instead of 'in' the gun, sooo, yeah, that's pretty weird, but I actually saw that when I had made... about everything...
Anyway, it uses a slingshot system (I think), where the rubber bands are hooked on the trigger, and when you pull the trigger, the bands are hooked on te bullet at once, so the bullet will, hopefuly, go far, far away. If you see the gun, you will probably think: 'Don't hit the bullet the front thinghy?' Well, no. If you place a rubber band in just the right way, it will pull the two parts away from each other, so there will be a small space. And there goes the bullet right through. Hopefully.
Oh yeah, the mag is fake (But I bet you've seen that already :P). + the front hand hold thing.... uhm yeah, it sucks, haha :D But in the pictures it looks like it isn't horizontal but it is actually. Hmm weird.
As you can see, this gun still needs some work.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Dude that is pretty impressive man thats like the exact copy replica keep up the good work I don't do knexing any more I do more like airsoft and stuff like that


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey you're AK-47 is EPIC are you thinking about doing instuctions? Cus I don't have enough bits to build Baken bitz one. thanks!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, you said 'Mate, it's better than your AK47.' But you don't have to do that