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OK well honestly I didn't want to change everything in my AK-47 instructable and I also wanted this to get rated separately so I'm just making another instructable for this. This performs a lot better than my AK-47 while still looking the part. I'm not saying this is gold or anything but it is better.

Pros (most of these are based off of improvements the the AK-47)
-True trigger
-Slightly better accuracy
-Should get better power but this isn't a complete fact
-Pin lock
-Detachable magazine

-Still has bad stock
-Magazine may still jam in the receiver. Just hit the bottom of the auto loader
-The bullet may spin out when shot
-Magazine is harder to put in
-Requires modified pieces

I'll be making separate "shells" for this gun such as a G36c and possibly and AK-74u in the near future. Other projects include an M1 Garand with similar loading method and a bullup sniper rifle.

OK let's get to it!


Step 1: Handle and Trigger

Yes it uses that same boring handle as most of my guns but I did mod it a little. The true trigger is really strong so it doesn't matter how many rubber bands you pack on...for the trigger anyways.

1. Handle and Back assembly. Doesn't seem too difficult right?
2. Soon to be trigger guard. Just hold onto it for now.
3. Trigger. That would be a green rod inside the taped area.
4. Trigger put in.

Well that was hard... Moving on.

Step 2: Firing Mechanism/Receiver

This is the main part of the gun. It along with the handle will be most likely the only part you'll keep when adding different "shells"

1-3. OK sorry I didn't break this up but I hate making things like this over again. Here are three different views. I do use three butchered dark grays but if you really don't want to use these then try tan clips like my AK-47
4. Connecting with the handle. Stick the trigger in it's spot first then connect the top.
5. Well I guess this is rather optional but I'm going for realism here. This is the trigger guard.

Pretty easy still is it not?

Step 3: Fake Barrel And...duh...another Part.

1-2. Fake barrel nothing complicated.
3-4. Front of fake barrel with front site.
5. ...and putting it on.
6. That other part. Just grab two gray rods and stick 'em in.
7. Slide these two pieces in.
8. And then connect

Wow this is the longest step yet!

Step 4: Stock and Magazine

And here is the bad stock. Feel free to modify it or use your own. I don't really think much of stocks as long as it works. The magazine is once again detachable. It hasn't changed too much except ofr less curve and a slant when inserted.

1. Don't stare at it for too long. Your eyes might burn out.
2. And now we put it on.
3. I couldn't get more detailed but this is still pretty easy to make.
4. Oh yeah I guess I should add the firing pin. Nothing amazing. You can use whatever you want. I have three tan clips going under-over taped up for mine.

Next we get to do the fun part! Loading and firing. Huzzah!

Step 5: Rubber Bands, Loading, and Firing

Finally something fun to do. Yeah just follow the steps like always and then go have fun.

1. Put a rubber band here and bring around top to the other side of this white rod. Or I suppose if you want you could use a shorter/double twisted rubber band and put it on the yellows then wrap it under the trigger.
2. Use whatever/how many rubber bands you want on the pin and bring them up to the black nobs here.
3. Grab your ammo (blue rods) this auto pusher thingy and a green rod.
4. Stick the green rod in. It shouldn't pop out if you're half careful.
5. Insert your ammo then put the auto loader in and hook it up with rubber bands to the magazine.
6. No picture for this but just stick it in, pull out the green rod, pull back the firing pin, and fire. If it doesn't load then just hit the bottom of the auto loader.

Have fun yada yada I'm tired thank God I'm done. Oh yeah I'll have a G36c possibly a G36 Shell out that you can use with this gun's middle part.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Its sad that 60% of Call Of Duty players dont know the differance between an AK47 AND AK74.

    C.O.D making people gun experts since 2003.


    7 years ago on Step 3

    You:Ha Ha Bigger hole try getting stuck in that you stupid bullets!


    7 years ago on Step 2

    your trigger is pro i love it

    TheDunkisKnEx FrEaK 1

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a really old weapon. I don't have the pieces to make a full AK-74, though I would if I could. I might be able to make an AK-74u.

    TheDunkiscaca man

    Reply 10 years ago on Step 5

    Oh um... I can't remember very well. Let's see with two #64s tied together I think I got like 8 yards shooting straight no angle. Don't quote me on that though it might be even worse or even better. I never messure and I suck at estimating.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good, jams every bullet,mag breaks off all the time,(does not detatch, rather breaks).

    No. The only guns posted that are worth building would be my oodassault, UMP, and BAW (posted by someone else, search BAW). Otherwise I haven't really made much recently.


    10 years ago on Step 1

    insted of tape couldent you just use a bigger rod and tan clip or gray rod on the end of them ?

    2 replies

    that would interfere with the trigger moving up into the gun. if you didn't notice, white rods don't have room for stuff on the end if they're filled up, and they would stop the trigger from going up anyway.


    8 years ago on Step 1

    can you make more detailed instructions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the mag design! I'm making a G36E (Or the original version) 1:1. Modded the mag acceptor to fit a "frictionless" barrel. I'll keep you in touch!