Knex AR: Comunism



Introduction: Knex AR: Comunism

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Just a few quick pics I'll update everything asap and as soon as the gun is a 100% done!
It's a pre-loadable AR with 2 Tac rails and changeable iron sights, It can take almost any attachment as far as I know!



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    It looks pretty good. The trigger guard is kind of big, but that isn't a problem.
    Too bad it didn't shoot that well :c

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    hij schoot 1 keer raak als ik het me goed kan herinneren, maar hij was dat ene schot volgens mij redelijk accuraat...

    Meh I suck at names lol.
    Also build a bal-27 out of Knex. I made something that resembles an Atlas 45.

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    gosh darn it

    we need to kick some Fascistic asses togetter bruh


    *charges in with a big knife*

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    For The MotherLand!!! UURAAAAH