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This old project was an engine that I found laying around my room from maybe november. Anyway, lets get to some of the specs and features of the engine.

Makes about 1/3 hp @ 180 rpm via air duster can.
Max torque from the air duster can supply is about 4 ft lbs.
It can make more than 1hp, you would need an air compressor to keep a steady supply of air though.

It uses a turbine to spin the internal gears.
Can be applied to a knex frame, so you can put it on a knex car.
Only needs a constant jet of air to run (at least 50 psi to get it truning at a decent speed; say 500 rpm)
Compact in size

Does need lubed every now and then so it doesnt wear the rods down.
You have to be observant of how much torque you run on this engine.

The engine works by having the jet of air going into the opening, thus spinning the turbine, and that motion get torqued town to a 5.75:1 gear ratio, it the goes throug more gears, the black cog is the flywheel.

Click on this to see an overview of how it works.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Theoretically; this type of engine would work in reality. It would also have no carbon emissions because the real scale one would mave a very poeerful electric turbine blowing air on the actual turbine. The only petroleum needed would be to keep the gears lubed up.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    there is a race in Belgium for students of the University of Delft, you have an electric car and you must drive upwind and use the wind to create electricity :D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, theres a copyright issue with the song in the video. I terribly sorry. I am glad you ike it though.


    Thank you Blue Mullet. This engine is very useful; I am going to embed a video into the slideshow sometime today aswell.