Knex Ak-47 V1





Introduction: Knex Ak-47 V1

i was looking for a goid knex ak 47 and didnt find anything that looks and shoots good, so here is my new knex ak 47 v1. it just uses almost all my pieces so i need to buy new knex to do version2 damn import =$.

- removeable 20 round magazine
- very sturdy
- i think it looks very nice
- shoots about 50ft
- its an ak 4 what do you want more?

- i cant make a good stock because i dont have any pieces left =)

feel free to leave a comment.
i will upload 1 gun every day, you decide what gun! just write it in the comments but pls remember no guns that are bigger as an ak47. have a nice day!



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    love it
    its a waste that you didnt post instructions tho

    hey do you have an idea whtlat i can build? and excuse my bad english

    Yay a good comment from blue mullet. n9w i can die in peace

    Very nice as well! Deffinitly know your stuff around ARs.

    This is great replica gun, and it shoots, so that's even better! I like the stock as it is, but the rest of the gun is right on.
    As for suggestions, I don't know if you have enough pieces, but I saw this, and it looks sort of like an AK47, and it looks pretty neat. It's a Charlton Automatic Rifle.

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    i dont have enough pieces=c anyother idea?

    Looks good. A few minor pesky issues but those are simple fixes. Though, it is too late at night for me to want to go into that.

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    => in germany its 8 hours sooner xD