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So it started one day when I was bored. I had the idea to make some sort of gun out of K'nex and to try it out. After the gun was built and was ready to fire it, I realized that it was strange having to carry all the ammo for my K'nex gun by itself without a proper way to carry it. I had to transport my K'nex gun and the ammo from my room down to the basement I ended up dropping some ammo on the way. During firing, I didn't like how I had all this ammo just lying there next to me out in the open. It felt like them ammo could get lost really easily. That was when I got the idea. I was going to make another instructable after all these years of making nothing. I was going to make a K'nex Ammo Box.

About The Box:

The K'nex Ammo Box is a great way to transport your ammo for your K'nex gun from one location to another without the fear of losing or dropping any ammo along the way. It can also help keep your ammo organized while firing as well as a nice storage place when not firing. The box has a locking cover that is quick to open and close while keeping it secure while closed. The box also comes with an optional handle.

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Step 1: Parts List



White: 10

Yellow: 20

Red: 22

Orange: 21

Light Gray: 2

Gray: 4


Blue: 34

White: 26

Green: 54


Tan Clips: 4

Black Clips: 4

Ball Sockets: 2

Silver Spacers: 8

Blue Spacers: 16

Small Elastic Band: 1

Optional Handle:


Green: 4

Gray: 8


Red: 2

Blue: 2

White: 8


Hinge Sets: 4 (Can be replaced with 4 green connectors but not recommended.)

Blue Clips: 2

Step 2: The Bottom

The area where the ammo will lay on.

Picture 1: Build this.

Step 3: The Walls

The walls of the box will help in keeping the ammo from falling out.

Picture 1: Connect 4 blue rods to the bottom.

Picture 2: Connect 5 red connectors to each blue rod. There should be 20 red connectors in total.

Picture 3: Slide 6 blue rods so they connect with the bottom 3 red connectors on both sides.

Picture 4: Build these. There are 10 that will need to be built.

Picture 5: Slide what you built in the last picture so they connect with the other sides of the red connectors.

Step 4: The Cover Locks

The cover locks are used to lock the cover into place so it doesn't fall off.

Picture 1: Build these. Notice how the placement of the black clips are different.

Picture 2: Slide what you just built so they connect in the middle of the 2 remaining red connectors on both sides.

Picture 3: Build these.

Picture 4: Connect the parts with the light gray connectors that you built in the last picture onto the black clips on one side.

Picture 5: Connect the parts with the red connectors that you built two pictures ago onto the black clips on the other side.

Picture 6: This is what you should have so far.

Picture 7: Slide in a blue rod with spacers to both sides as shown. Lock the rods in place with 4 gray connectors. This helps in keeping the locks secure.

Picture 8: On the side where you connected the red connectors instead of the light gray connectors, connect 2 white rods with an orange connector going across. Then connect 2 ball sockets. This will prevent the red connector lock from moving backwards.

Step 5: The Cover

The cover will prevent the ammo form falling out if you were to hold the box upside down.

Picture 1: Build this.

Picture 2: Build These.

Picture 3: Connect what you built in the last picture onto the cover.

Step 6: Sliding the Cover Onto the Box

Pretty simple step. This just shows what you do to slide the cover onto the top of box.

Picture 1: Push back on the light gray connector lock.

Picture 2: Slide the cover in so it's underneath the white rods on the red connector lock.

Picture 3: Push the light gray connector lock forward.

Step 7: Elastic Band

The elastic band will secure the light gray connector lock while allowing it to be pushed back to remove the cover.

Picture 1: This size of elastic band is recommended. Don't worry about the white connector. It's only there so you have something to compare to.

Picture 2: Slide the elastic band through both light gray connectors and attach the ends to the blue rods sticking up.

If you are not planning on building the handle, you are now finished! Well done! If you do want to build the handle, there is one more step.

Step 8: Optional - the Handle

The handle will allow to carry the ammo box much easier.

Picture 1: Build the handle and the locks.

Picture 2: Slide the locks into the bottom of the cover.

Picture 3: Connect the handle to the top of the cover onto the locks.

Picture 4: Full picture of what you just built.

Well done! You have just finished your K'nex ammo box. Now go load your K'nex ammo into the box and you will be ready to use it the next time you want to do some shooting with whatever K'nex gun you have!

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5 years ago

Good work that looks really useful for knex wars! :)