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This is my K'nex AS VAL, I absolutely love the real gun, it looks so cool and the overall size is perfect. My K'nex gun is almost exactly the same length, something like an inch shorter, and the shape of the mag and grip and foregrip look very close to the real thing.

The real gun was built in 1980 by the Russians, it has a standard 20 round detachable box magazine, the VSS 10 round mag, and SR-3M's 30 round magazine can also be fitted to the gun. It has a high rate of fire at 900RPM. And has a built in suppressor, which looks very cool.

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Step 1:

The As Val has a large suppressor, and if your wondering why there are rods to fill it in, it is because I ran out of orange connectors. It also has, what I call a 'wire-frame stock,' which is quite self explanatory, the stock looks weak, however not as much as you would think. I think although it doesn't look like the real stock all that much, it does look good. The grip/handle was quite easy to build. The real gun has a very slight curve on it. And although it looks basic, it is at what looks like the perfect angle. The trigger is good, it is an adaptation on a very basic trigger so I could have a straight pull back, instead of a trigger at an angle if you know what I mean. The interesting thing about the trigger is that to fit it in the small space I needed, and to make the mechanism for it not stick out the gun, I actually took a lump out of the top of the grip, put in a blue rod to create an axis for it, and cover it up by putting a layer over it. It works very well, and has never broken. The mag well and foregrip looked difficult to do at first, but although the gun has many complex angles in a small space, using hinge connector for the mag well proved a good way to get an angle. And a row of yellow connectors proved well for the foregrip. The mag is very simple and is curved by three ball connectors and three Y clips.

Step 2:

The sights for this gun are OK. They are made up of a short green rod as the front sight, and a couple of Y clips with BB pellets inside to make up the back sights. If you put in glow in the dark BB pellets it would work in the dark. This would be really cool, so try it out!

Step 3:


. Looks like the real gun (IMO)

. Decent range 40ft

. Comfortable

. Good trigger (my own)

. Long pin pull


. Weak stock

. Pin obstructs cheek rest, if you want the stock right up against your shoulder

. Inaccurate sights

I also wanted to say thanks to all you guys for the support and feedback on my other guns.

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    17 Discussions


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Really sorry, I would but it's broken up. However the mag is simple, so you could try copying the outer layer from a side view, and add yours, or anyone elses internals, if you did then I'd love to see a pic, but if you don't want to I've got a build for my Karabiner 98K if your interested?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This gun looks awesome! Very good job! However, in my opinion, I would post a picture of the real gun in your instructables from here on out. To see what the real thing looked liked and do a comparison with your build, I had to open a whole new tab and look it up. I guess it's just a thing that kinda bugs me, just because it's time consuming. Other than that, you did a very good job! You're first few replica's are great, and I can tell you put lots of time into them. Great build!

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Appreciate that knex guy, and as you read this there may already be a picture of it .

    The reason I didn't post a picture was due to copyright and that I thought everyone knew what it was, thanks for the feedback i will definitely take it on board.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, and yeah I like the stock too. It is basic, it works, its reasonably strong, and looks good.

    Miniboomknex armoury

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    To help me out could you say whats wrong with it? I know not everyone will like it but I would just like to know why.

    Ha, yeah I bought like 1000000's one evening on ebay because I didnt have enough for a tr 12/18. But the stock doesn't need them, but it looks better and is stronger.

    By the way I still have tonnes of the one bit connectors left after this!