Knex Assault Rifle - KRMA3A1 (Updated 'ible)

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UPDATE - 5 new pictures of th A2 alongside the A1.
So I was fiddling about with new barrel types which eventually culminated in this.
Pros - High cap (!2-16) rod mag UPDATED
        - Wide barrel for much less friction
        - Non elastic true trigger
        - Clever stock makes way for an affective pin guide UPDATED
        - Comfy stock UPDATED
        - Good sights UPDATED
        - Good range thanks to the low friction barrel
        - Really sturdy in all places
        - Looks great
Cons - As with most guns of this type, the mag pusher may need some "encouragement" before it actually moves
          -  Ram rod needs a broken red connector
          - The top of the sights are prone to snapping off UPDATED (KP1 sights)
Range, as always, depends on how many (and what type) of band actually used.
The grip below the barrel really should be standard on every gun
Overall, I'm really quite pleased with how this project turned out.




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